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Apr 10, 2015 8:48 AM ET

Archived: Ongosa – The inside track for serious adventure sports enthusiasts and professionals. Search, vet and book

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 10, 2015


The inside track for serious adventure sports enthusiasts and professionals. Search, vet and book.




An online, cross platform market place, ongosa.com will connect adventure sports enthusiasts, who want to find, plan, book and share their sporting adventures with adventure sports guides and instructors, who want to market more effectively, sell more of their capacity and transact more efficiently.

Ongosa would enable customers to find guides & instructors based on relevant selection criteria (sport, geography, language, fitness and skill level and reviews). They would be able to view content, plan routes, share ideas with their group and guide, book and pay. Guides would be able to connect directly with potential clients and view their history allowing them to gauge expertise and tailor trips. The site would provide guides with more clients for less effort, reduce their marketing burden giving them more time to guide, earn money and take payments. This would help them sell more of their inventory before the season starts and the better client engagement could lead to higher transaction values.



As a marketplace and community for adventure sports, Ongosa has three core audiences: Enthusiast, Professional, Sponsor.

Ongosa aims to help push their sports to the next stage, in new environments, with new skills and to new limits. They would be able to:
– Easily search, compare, vet, book and review professionals.
– Safely pay for services before travel.
– Confidently book services ahead of travel.
– Make descisions based on experience not location.
– Connect with other enthusiasts who have similar sports interests, local. knowledge or past experiences with professionals.
– Join group sessions that are prequalified at the same skill, adrenaline and fitness levels.
– Enjoy reduced cost, better experience through meeting like-minded sports enthusiasts.

Ongosa aims to help reduce marketing, sales and administration costs, and increase sales and yield. They would be able to:
– Promote their offer to a wider target market beyond the local catchment.
– Easily and cheaply keep profile up to date, relevant and exciting.
– Book clients easily.
– Sell additional group sessions by tapping into an Ongosa group.
– Manage payments securely.
– Build brand loyalty with clients.
– Keep in touch with clients over years.
– Get personal recommendations.

Ongosa aims to enable sponsors to connect with a high value, hard to reach demographic in an engaged way with credible brand association. They would be able to:
– Reach affluent high male bias AB demographic (30 – 60 years).
– Engage targeted audience with key relevant messages.
– Location and sports specific advertising opportunities.


Initial core audience market research demonstrates that this is a credible and relevant business model that would be adopted.

Recruitment of 30 professional guides, including a mountain guide agency commonly believed to be the most dominant UK agency.

“Ongosa would be a great way for me to find new clients, and keep in touch with the ones I have. It’s really hard to keep track of what they are doing and keep me in their thoughts. If Ongosa would allow me to find, book and keep my clients this is definitely something that I would use” Lars Vanhaelewyck: Mountain Penguins

“For us to be successful, we need to generate awareness for our brand. If Ongosa is able to connect us with new potential clients and the cost is affordable then this has real value for us and we would be delighted to promote our company through the website.” Chris Parks: Mountain Tracks



A content and feature rich website highly focused on the adventure sports community, supported by a significant investment in search engine optimisation and pay per click should drive highly targeted traffic to Ongosa.com. Once web traffic is established, revenue streams are anticipated to be:

Sports activities bookings (guides, instructors, packaged trips) 70%
Based on 10% commission per booking

Accommodation (10%)
Based on 10% commission per booking

Insurance (7%)
Based on 20% commission per booking

Equipment (7%)

Advertising & Sponsorship (5%)


We are looking for first round investment to fund an 18 month start-up programme with the key objectives are:

1. Proving product and consumer fit in key test regions and sports (i.e. clients book professionals through the system).

2. Proving cost of supply and demand acquisition and retention

3. Building greater confidence in expected LTV

4. Identifying key operational team ahead of 2nd phase

5. Securing 2nd and planned final round funding in Q3 2016 ahead of 16/17 winter season.

The investment will fund building the technology platform, building the guides/ sports activity database and driving web traffic through advanced SEO activity supplemented by PPC, affiliate and sports body partnerships and in resort highly targeted promotional activity.

Website development to enable core features of search, review & booking professionals. 30%

Payroll for building up professionals profiles & providing a level of customer service. 25%

Marketing 15%

Other (legal, IT/Telecoms, expenses etc) 30%


Contact Information:

Richard Smith
Mark Armitage
Andrew Pearce

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