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Apr 10, 2015 9:25 AM ET

Javamoppen – Espresso bar on three wheels: We want you to have your coffee where you at least expect it. Where you are, right now!

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 10, 2015


Espresso bar on three wheels

Help us to spread our ideas in Gothenburg by developing our Piaggio Ape.

How it all started

It all began one night at the swedish website of Blocket, where it suddenly appeared. That red Piaggio Ape 50 which shined clearer than a Ferrari. Our curiosity and excitement went to the top and an email was sent to the owner and our ideas started to flow and it all came to life.

The rest is history and now we run a small company called Javamoppen. We are Sebastian and Erik, who first met in 2007 when we studied Event Marketing & Business Finance together.

Subsequently, Sebastian started a career in economics and Erik have dug deep into the industry popularly known as events. Something we always had in common is an interest in entrepreneurship, and when the red Piaggio appeared, all question mark turned into exclamation marks, and we both decided that it was time to start a business for real. We both have the same basic philosophy and thoughts on how a business should be run and that’s what we try to adopt to Javamoppen.

Erik to the left, and Sebastian to the right.
Erik to the left, and Sebastian to the right.


We think there is a lack of good mobile “grab-and-go” options in Gothenburg and Sweden. You have to stand in line in a café and that’s what we want to eliminate. We want you to have your coffee where you at least expect it. Where you are, right now! That’s why we are mobile!

Javamoppen is perfect for your next event.
Javamoppen is perfect for your next event.

Alone with the idea of a mobile espresso bar? No way.

We know that we’re not alone with this idea. Maybe we’re not even the best. We are humble and aware of that, but we want to be something else. We want to be that fun, awesome place everyone talks about. Of course, we have great coffee, but come on, let’s be humble! Gothenburg have some of Swedens absolutely best coffee shops, and we know that they’re making really good quality coffee. But so do we, but we want you to know us as a couple of nice dudes where you can laugh, have the time of your life and get inspired by the world! That’s the reason Javamoppen exist.

Growing market

Sweden is a growing food truck industry. We are one of the countries that drink most coffee in the entire world, so why not take piece by piece and put it together. Swedish people love their FIKA, but unfortunately there’s a lack of mobile options. When laying on the grass in a park and you want a coffee, the only way to get a cup of coffee is from a supermarket or a café far away. But not anymore – Javamoppen at your service.

The business

Javamoppen offers a mobile cafe. We rent a space for the Piaggio at the same place where we store our goods. This goods consist of coffee beans, milk and water. We store our moped in downtown Gothenburg, and therefore we’re flexible to transport the moped almost everywhere. And since our moped is a Moped Klass 2, we are allowed to drive on bicycle roads and because of that we have the opportunity to get where a registered vehicle can’t.

We offer payment solutions through iZettle. We also accept cash.

Money Talks

We already have a nice and beautiful Piaggio. But to be honest, it need some upgrades.

Today we have a simple solution inside the cabin. This is not optimal and we have to bend over to make a nice cup of espresso, which will end up in back pain after a long day. So we need some money to make a “Piaggio cabin make over”.

  • First move – We need to improve the working space, which will allow us to stand straight up and work.
  • Second move – At the same time we’re going to install a “expandable” table so we can reach the equipment easier.
  • Third move – Open the sides and create a wing.
  • Forth move – Install a battery solution.

Please see image below. This isn’t the exact solution, but it describes it very well.

Okay, so why do we do this?

We started Javamoppen because of a lot of things.

  • We believe in meeting people
  • We believe in quality
  • We believe in relationships
  • We believe in the joy in what we do
  • We believe that the approach and attitude is the core to everything
  • We believe in commitment

But most important we believe that Javamoppen will spread lovely smiles and inspiration wherever we are.

Thanks to Per Damlin for the image!
Thanks to Per Damlin for the image!

Sebastian Asp


Keeps an eye on Erik while he gets crazy ideas. Good with numbers. Good with dogs. There is no problems, only solutions.

Erik Gustavsson


Entrepreneur to the bone. Always new ideas and love to try new ideas and aren’t afraid to try them. Laughing all the time!


Contact Information:

Sebastian Asp

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