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Archived: Imbibe Relocation Fund – Our lease is ending, but Imbibe should not!

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Imbibe Relocation Fund

Help us relocate Imbibe Food & Drink! Our lease is ending, but Imbibe should not!

By Bill MacTavish

Short Summary

First and foremost, we want to thank you for taking the first step to help Imbibe find a new home in downtown Kitchener. Our lease at THEMUSEUM is coming to an end and we’ve been seeking a unique, larger space in the core in which to expand (and we think we may have found that space!).

We’ve experienced great times at Imbibe, and for that to end would be a shame.

We need your help to make this next step, whether big or small, every little bit goes a long way!

What We Need & What You Get

With the money raised we hope to build a kitchen and a bar in the new space.

With the equipment that we are able to move, we expect the kitchen renovations to cost around $25,000.  This would include expanded equipment, storage and an actual prep space for our staff.

We anticipate the bar to cost around $30,000 to assist with some much needed equipment. It would be great if we no longer had to ship in our ice, and if we could wash our glasses behind the bar!

Furnishing the place will likely be an additional $25,000 with an anticipated capacity of 80 – 90 people.  We want to make the new space “Imbibe-y”, a word our staff has grown to use and appreciate!

We’ve come up with some pretty cool perks that we know you’ll enjoy.

The Impact

Currently, 10 people are employed at Imbibe. With a larger kitchen and increased capacity, we would be able to create even more jobs.

Imbibe has been a large part of the downtown core in the last three years, and we’ve developed some phenomenal relationships. We very much appreciate and are humbled by the community’s support, and we hope that you will take this next step with us.

We’d like to remain a big part of downtown Kitchener, and continue in the revitalization of the core. We’re huge supporters of Kitchener: the arts, the music, the people, and we’re eager to continue demonstrating that support through Imbibe.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you’re unable to contribute financially, there are many other ways to show your support: “retweet” us on Twitter, “share” with us on Facebook, TELL THE WORLD, build a bar, paint some walls, or bring us beer during the hard work and long hours we’ll spend reopening everyone’s favourite local!

Every little bit goes a long way!

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