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Hamilton Investment Properties Community Housing: Community Revitalization Through Housing Upgrades

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Hamilton Investment Properties Community Housing

Hamilton Investment Properties Community Housing



Hamilton Investment Properties Community Housing is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $5,000.



  • Funding Goal $500,000
  • Minimum Reservation $5,000
  • Interest (% per year) 18.00%
  • Term Length (Months) 12 months
  • Valuation Cap $5,900
  • Conversion Discount (%) 20%
  • Warrant Coverage (%) 18%
  • Open Date 04/11/2014
  • Closing Date 01/31/2015


  • This facility generates 1.2 Million a year Rental income for investors
  • Overall economic development strategy creates good paying jobs
  • Affordable supportive housing is an essential community facility


$5000 buys a 5% Share in this 1.2 million dollar a year enterprise


Why We Started This Company

Due to the aging of baby boomers, Assisted Living is becoming a growth industry. However, retirement communities are often developed for higher income individuals. Lower income people must age in place, and these “places” are often slums or institutions. The status of elderly renters and people renting homes that have disabilities, was a driving force behind organizing quality land lords, investors, developers, and other real estate professionals into an organization to develop affordable Assisted living Centers, with “Cause Driven” Marketing.

The “for-profit” individual or company is not eligible for public funding of real estate developments. However, using our organization as a conduit for public/private participation in community development, is an idea that time has come.

Consider a 1% per month return on your investment plus, the charitable tax deduction. that’s equal to or greater return then any an investor could find. Moreover, this is an investment secured by real estate that, a non profit organization can afford to pay, making this a very safe investment of your money. A real example of a million dollar project paying 1% in returns to investors, or paying out $10,000 per month on that million dollars, is 15 rental units rented for $700 per month. A 60 unit complex built for said 1 million will have a $42,000 Gross leaving $30,000 for operation of the facility each month, and over $2000 a month Vacancy allowance.

We also, started the organization because, most investments are too complicated for the t novice investor to understand, and track. The foregoing is for illustration purposes but, our company keeps it that simple.

What Sets Us Apart

Projects are under the control of an I.R.S. 501 ( C ) 3 non profit Tax Exempt community based organization. Hamilton Investment Properties Community Housing (“HIPCO”) programs are unique because, they are implemented by public-private financial and development partnerships, spearheaded by a non-profit organization. For example; the non-profit sponsors private , for-profit developers of public facilities.

Our Keys To Success

The key to success in any community housing program is, centralizing operational or infrastructure necessary to purchase and rehabilitate hundreds of homes compared to single investor efforts.. Centralization achieves better funding, lower personnel cost, and savings on bulk purchases of building supplies, which translates in more profits for the individual investor.


Landowners in Louisiana are contributing to our (“CRT”) Charitable Remainder Trust. A CRT is an irrevocable trust that pays for life

JULY, 2013


Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton

Hamilton Investment Properties Community Housing Inc, Property Manager/Founder/President

Real Estate Consultant/Property Manager Founder of 501( C ) 3 non profit Housing provider and advisory company in 1979, after six years in the United States Army as an Information Specialist, Personnel Manager plus, service in the United States 238rd Army Band as a Woodwind Specialist or Saxophonist. Worked as a Consumer Finance Professional with Wells Fargo Bank, and Courtesy Financial Services until 1989, while a part time on air Radio Personality until 1979… I’m a Serious, intense student of the business of life, with decades of experience working with buyers and sellers of income producing properties. If my company can’t buy it, we will manage it for you. Our company was started by people who understand that, a Home is the biggest investment some people will ever make in a life time. However, we operate as an I.R.S. designated 501 ( C ) 3 Tax Exempt conduit for ” for profit developers” who also understand that, being economically disadvantage should not bar people from affordable. safe and decent housing.
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Alex Hamilton

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