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Apr 10, 2015 10:01 AM ET

Genius Blends: Self-contained smoothie kiosks allow customers to customize their experience by selecting choices via touch screen

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 10, 2015

Genius Blends

Gilbert, AZ 85296, US
Consumer Products

Genius Blends will introduce the patent pending Healthy Genius smoothie and nutritional supplement blended beverage kiosk and place machines in markets where we have built relationships which initially consist of gyms, schools, professional sports teams’ concourses and clubhouses, malls, grocery stores, c-stores, airports, and hotels to name a few . Our industry focuses on the $50 billion kiosk business, $23.7 billion sports and nutritional supplement industry and $5 billion smoothie industry. We will combine these three industries with our self-contained smoothie kiosk.

Our smoothie kiosk is a pioneer in the food and beverage industry as we allow customers to customize their experience by selecting choices via touch screen. Building a custom blend is simple and is completed in three short steps:

1. Choose a base
2. Pick a flavor
3. Choose a supplement to add in


Shelly Smith

Almond Milk + Strawberry Flavoring + Advanced Multiple Vitamins

All of the above contents are in liquid form and will be blended internally into a 16 oz. cup for our customers. We are selling convenience, quality, low cost and full customization to customers with the need to leverage technology, short time commitments, the need for healthy products on-the-go and finally to choose something that fits the wants and needs of their budget and diet.

Genius Blends will introduce a mobile application including GPS location services, build your own custom smoothie, the ability to save your preferences to the cloud or your account, as well as a biometric fingerprint user recognition system.

Our mission is to dramatically reduce the footprint made by our competition, reduce overhead, incorporate customization for a unique individual experience and contribute to the overall health and well being of our customers.

Products / Services

Healthy Genius Blended Beverage Kiosk

Our Healthy Genius smoothie kiosk offers features that will produce customized fresh blends, options to add sports supplements, energy boosts, vitamins and antioxidants and many more nutritional boosts.

Our Healthy Genius kiosks will be a main driver within our target markets for our at-home sales. Customers can create accounts online to build their own custom menus and choose from options that include building blends to be dispensed from the Healthy Genius kiosks and ordering Genius Blends nutritional products via e-commerce at

Genius Blends Private Label Nutritional Supplements

Genius Blends has a sports supplement and nutritional product lineup that includes our very own private label. Currently we have 20+ products for sales via e-commerce with access to an additional 100+ products from our manufacturer.


Chief Executive Officer
Jason Irvin

President, Founder & CEO Jason Irvin has extensive experience in management, sales, product distribution, marketing, operations and athletics and has worked for the Chicago Cubs MLB Visiting Clubhouse at Wrigley Field. Jason is a former Division 1 athlete from Iowa State University where he majored in both Management and Transportation & Logistics. Jason completed his MBA from the University of Phoenix gaining his Master’s in Business Administration. Jason helped set up new brick and mortar locations for an expanding retailer and aided in that same company’s e-commerce website launch.

Executive Vice President Operations
Adam Garmon

Adam Garmon is a Founding Team Member with Genius Blends. He has been an integral part of the company since the start and designed the appearance and inner workings of Genius Blends’ first product, “Healthy Genius”. He designed the company logo as well. Adam has over 12 years of experience working with all levels of athletes, from high school to professional, as a NATABOC Certified Athletic Trainer. He earned an undergraduate degree from the Exercise and Sports Science program at Iowa State University. He received his post-graduate degree (M.A.) at The University of Arizona. Adam’s background provides a perfect foundation to help grow Genius Blends by understanding what drives and motivates athletes.

Consulting Advisor
Mark Bowles

Mark has more than 23 years in the semiconductor and wireless industries. He has been involved in the formation and funding of six technology start-ups and has successfully raised 15 rounds of Venture Capital financing totaling more than $150 million; he has been part of some successful financial exits for these investors. Prior to ecoATM, he was with Vativ (sold to Entropic) as Vice President, Marketing and Business Development. Before Vativ, Mr. Bowles co-founded Staccato in 2002 and was Vice President, Marketing and Business Development where he helped build the ultrawideband (UWB) industry from scratch. Prior to Staccato he was co-founder, President, COO and director of BOPS, Inc. (sold to Altera), a broadband DSP cores and tools company.

Consulting Advisor
Mitch Lowe

Mr. Mitch Lowe served as the President of Redbox Automated Retail, LLC at Coinstar Inc. from April 2009 to January 25, 2012. Mr. Lowe served as the Chief Operating Officer of Redbox Automated Retail, LLC at Coinstar Inc., since May 2005. He served as Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Netflix, Inc. He helped to build a strong management team at Redbox and was instrumental in developing the concept of $1 per night new release DVD rentals. Prior to that, Mr. Lowe consulted for McDonald’s business development group, focusing on automated vending machines.

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