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Earth Accounting – Sustainable Shopping Made Easy: The first smartphone app & web extension to provide shoppers with transparent product information

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Earth Accounting

Earth Accounting

Sustainable Shopping Made Easy

Earth Accounting is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $1,000.


  • Funding Goal $500,000
  • Minimum Reservation $1,000
  • Interest (% per year) 9.50%
  • Term Length (Months) 12 months
  • Valuation Cap $2,000,000
  • Conversion Discount (%) 30%
  • Warrant Coverage (%) N/A
  • Open Date 09/01/2014
  • Closing Date 06/30/2015


  • Sustainable shopping made easy
  • Innovative data collection strategy
  • Intellectual property strategy in place


We are creating the first smartphone app & web extension to provide shoppers with transparent product information so they can make educated purchasing decisions. Q’s: [email protected]


Why We Started This Company

When consumers have easy access to information about the environmental and social footprint of products they will play an increasingly important role towards achieving a sustainable economy.

Our Keys To Success

Recent studies show that 66% of consumers are interested in the sustainability of products they buy. It is also clear that they want transparently presented information on the complete life cycle of products so they can make educated decisions while shopping. Earth Accounting’s browser extension and patented smartphone information delivery provide consumers with this information in a simple and rewarding way. It also incorporates user feedback and product re-direction, empowering consumers to vote with their wallet. This concept has evolved over 6 years and core team members have worked together for the last 4. Our team represents over 40 years experience in the field.

What Sets Us Apart

Our emphasis on data transparency, user participation and our complete product life-cycle framework provides Earth Touch users with a uniquely empowering experience that is unmatched by competing apps.

The technology to provide such functionality in a smartphone app and browser extension is not new, but is also not trivial. The key issue for this project, and one of our distinguishing assets, is our strategy for getting the data. To accomplish this continual task we have formed an information cooperative and we have already received several signed letters of intent from prospective members.

The Data: ACES

Our ability to collect the vast amount of data necessary for this project and maintaining transparency is what sets us apart from similar product oriented apps. To accomplish this monumental task we have invented and patented a unique process, and formed the first ever data cooperative: ACES – The Alliance for Consumer Empowerment and Sustainability. Similar to a traditional cooperative common among farmers in agriculture, the ACES coop compensates members based on their contribution.

ACES members will largely be made up of eco label and environmental organizations, manufacturers, and consumers. When a user accesses information on a product, the contributor of that information will be compensated based on a pre-established formula. This reward system incentivizes data contribution and a Wikipedia-like democratic participation system maintains accuracy and transparency by allowing ACES members and end users to challenge existing information.


The Vision: Earth Touch

We will deliver product life cycle data to consumers through the Earth Touch mobile app and browser extension. This will enable users to access product information easily while they are shopping in a store or online.

The first version of the Earth Touch app and browser extension is to be released by the fall of 2015 and will concentrate on data for products in 5 initial categories: packaged foods, household cleaning products, pet food, clothes, and cosmetics. This version will provide the product’s approved ecolabels and their definitions, direct users to relevant products that better meet personal preferences, and allow users to message companies telling them why their product was chosen or not.

Later versions of Earth Touch will include a comprehensive product rating, identifying the social and environmental impact with specific facts that contributed to the product’s rating. We will also offer a personalized experience allowing users to prioritize issues of most interest to them. For example, if someone is concerned specifically about child labor, GMOs, and CO2 emissions, we will highlight that product information for them.

Profile functionality will allow users to track their shopping habits, discover new products, build a shopping list, rate products, and share products, facts, and companies they find interesting. The personalization of Earth Touch greatly improves user experience, increasing participation and continual use.


Income from Earth Touch will be generated from several different sources. The primary source will be from affiliate marketing, as we direct users to products that better fit their values. The Earth Touch web extension will generate income with an optional subscription strategy and a freemium upsell for premium functionality. As the Earth Accounting product life-cycle database grows we will offer subscription services to manufacturers and organizations interested in both product information and consumer spending habits.

Browser Extension – Demo


Users with the Earth Touch browser extension will enjoy the ease of accessing the life cycle information of products as they browse the web. If we have information on a product a user is looking at, it will automatically be highlighted. By simply rolling the mouse over that product, a user will be able to see the information we have on that product and find another product that better suits them.

Earth Touch App – Demo


By scanning a barcode or entering a product name users will be able to access the life cycle information of a product anywhere they are. The Earth Touch app will also give specific information and product recommendations based on a user’s personal preferences.


We have received our 6th letter of intent from prospective ACES coop members.


We are reaching out to ecolabel, environmental and government organizations, who can provide the data we’ll deliver through Earth Touch.



Alberto Saavedra

Alberto Saavedra

CEO and President

Computer industry professional with 30 years of experience. He has participated in all phases of a start-up, from garage to successful IPO. His driving force has been to introduce computer based technologies that improve lives. Alberto believes that Earth Accounting is a big idea that meets this criteria. If an idea can become reality, Alberto can make it happen. He has worked with Dr. Hector for over 2 years planning the implementation of this technology to enable a new economy. Alberto co-founded his first successful software company in 1982 and Earth Accounting is his 7th start-up. He has opened markets in the US and abroad, for several US and foreign hardware and software start-ups. He graduated from the US Air Force Academy with a BS in Engineering Management, and from Colorado State University with an MBA with concentration in Information Systems.
David Evans

David Evans

Executive VP

David Evans graduated from UCLA in 2011 receiving a degree in Geography/Environmental Studies and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and has since acquired valuable technical and project management experience. His passion for utilizing science and technology to increase environmental awareness led him to volunteer for Earth Accounting when he discovered the project online. David’s familiarity with computers, apps, and technology dates to his childhood when he shadowed his brother building and using computers, creating a website for his first business venture at age 15. David started his professional career with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), managing the Juneau Field Office database and providing IT support for the staff biologists. Upon returning to California, David created and managed the geodatabase for the first mobile app to provide recreational fishermen in the United States with location-based regulations. Most recently, David has expanded his technical and personal skills as project manager at a digital marketing company in San Diego, working with companies such as HP, Delta Faucet, and American Red Cross.


Team Member Name

Bruce P. Hector


Team Member Name

Bruce P. Hector

Founder/Chairman of the Board

Team Member Name

Mare’ka Enright

Director of Business Development

Team Member Name

Carmelo Di Bella

UI/UX Frontend Designer/Developer

Read MoreUnverified


Team Member Name

Woodrow W. Clark II

Chief Science Officer

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Team Member Name

Michael Marzolla

Chief Environmental Officer

As Chief Environmental Officer for Earth Accounting, A. Michael Marzolla brings his know-how and experience in working directly with respected scientists and…Read MoreUnverified
Contact Information:

Alberto Saavedra
David Evans

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