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Apr 10, 2015 1:58 PM ET

Cirrus Lender Services, Inc.: leading-edge loan execution software to the lending industry

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 10, 2015

Cirrus Lender Services, Inc.

Breckenridge, CO 80424, US
Web Service Software

UPDATES: Our latest product, CirrusCL for commercial lenders, includes a number of industry “firsts” as well as best-practices upgrades:

* Exclusive (patent pending) Sleep-State-Encryption while client data is housed in the cloud – not just encrypted in transit
* Revolutionary “need-to-know” feature allows managers to pre-determine what job titles can access what customer information
* Robust Activity Log that tracks all activity by User Login and IP address
* New Multi-Factor Login for internal users in addition to the dual authentication for customers and other external users
* One-step uploads of completed loan files to e-storage
* A cloud environment owned/managed by Microsoft, including global backup sites and fail-over protocols
* Authorized individuals can access only what they need, but they can access it from anywhere
* Managers can easily standardize required submittals and naming conventions for consistency across your loan portfolio
* On-going loan status is conveyed to customer via email – shows what has been received, approved, and is still missing

In response to inquiries:

We set our “ask” at only $100,000 in order to appeal to the broadest range of investors, but our goal is to raise a much larger amount of capital.

Cirrus Lender Services offers leading-edge loan execution software to the lending industry. Our extensive experience in both the lending industry as well as software development gives us valuable insights to create tools built specifically to allow commercial lenders to spend more time doing what they do best.

Our value added is simple: As a third-party vendor, we can build a solid, feature rich platform and leverage the cost across multiple lenders, lowering a lender’s up-front costs while offering a high quality product.

Products / Services

Wholesale Lending Platforms – Loan Document & Closing Management

Cirrus Lender Services was created to develop solutions that were Best-in-Class (by definition, better than anything else available) and offer them across multiple lenders on a Software-as-a-Service basis to make them affordable. To build a Best-in-Class platform, we design around what the “power user” is looking for and, acknowledging many loans are sold (or at least marked to market), we design for the secondary loan market. This minimizes production costs for clients while at the same time, maximizing loan asset value, as determined by the secondary loan market.


Executive Vice President
John Steele

John SteeleJohn Steele is the EVP and Chief Product Officer at Cirrus Lender Services. A 24-year veteran of the commercial lending and investment industry, ranging from the corporate world of pension fund advising with LaSalle Advisors to transaction-oriented real estate development with Prime West Development to small business ownership of Capital Development as a non-bank lender with fifteen employees that internally funded SBA 504 loans nationwide to be resold on the bank secondary market. Enjoys cutting-edge technologies and created the proprietary online document management system known as that is currently used by the SBA for electronic loan package submission as well as within the commercial real estate brokerage community for collecting, tracking and delivering loan packages to their preferred capital source. John holds an MBA with emphasis in Real Estate Finance from the University of Denver and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Finance from Indiana University.

Chief Technology Officer
Rob Catalano

Rob CatalanoRobert Catalano is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. He has been developing custom software for 15 years, working on projects for companies such as Chevrolet, ACDelco, Sherwin Williams, and the United Way. Rob has created full-stack Microsoft.Net solutions (ranging from incident management to mobile surveying solutions), ecommerce websites, inventory management, asset vending and large multi-user customer self-service portals. An avid entrepreneur, Rob has bootstrapped his way through 7 businesses ranging from professional services and software to retail. As the CTO for Cirrus Lender services, Rob intrinsically understands the technology demands of early-stage businesses, their connection to cash flow, and how to design technology solutions that will scale up as a business grows into an industry leader. Robert holds a BA in Computer Information Systems from Kent State University, and is a certified Scrum master.

Director Executive Officer
Rod Turner

Rod TurnerRod Turner is Cirrus’ “outside” Chairman of the Board. As one of the founders and leaders of Symantec, Rod brings extensive experience that will lend itself to the success of Cirrus. While at Symantec, Rod became General Manager, raised three rounds of venture capital and increased revenues from zero to $250 million annually. He lead Symantec’s acquisition of Norton Utilities, growing that unit’s sales from $20m/year to $190m/year. Prior to Symantec, Rod was VP of WW Marketing & Sales at Ashton Tate, making dBASE into the market leader. He also played a key role in the IPOs of both Symantec and Ashton Tate.   Rod was also one of 6 angel investors who backed AskJeeves (now ASK).  He also founded Irvine Ventures, investing in and building start-up companies, where he raised $32million of capital for portfolio companies.  Currently, Rod invests in and advises startups on how to go from start-ups to becoming very successful companies. He is also a founding shareholder of CirrusLS.


Contact Information:

John Steele
[email protected]

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