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Apr 10, 2015 12:30 PM ET

Archived: Bye Bye Bubba: a transitional pacifier system providing parents a safe and effective solution to help wean children from pacifiers

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 10, 2015

Bye Bye Bubba

by Parental Innovations

Bye Bye Bubba is a transitional pacifier system providing parents a safe and effective solution to help wean children from pacifiers.

About this project

Try explaining “Cold Turkey” to a toddler.

After months of watching his toddler daughter suck away at a pacifier, Chris began to worry about the negative effects pacifier attachment might have on her development. He noticed that Elizabeth (aka Bubba) wasn’t speaking as much as other children her age.

As an anxious first-time dad, Chris asked his wife, a pediatrician, for an answer to their problem. “What do I buy to help her give up her pacifier?” Unfortunately he didn’t like the diagnosis; there wasn’t a product available and all that they could do was tough it out and force her to quit cold turkey.

Forcing a child to give up their pacifier “cold turkey” isn’t easy or fun, unless you enjoy sleepless nights and enduring psychotic toddler rage and tantrums. One friend recommended cutting down the nipple, but when Chris asked if they ever worried about their kid choking, their response: “I guess I never thought about that!” made him pass on their parenting wisdom.  Unfortunately, there was no easy or safe alternative available to help reduce the trauma and drama associated with pacifier detachment. Until now!

With the help of his wife, other pediatricians, dentists, and friends, Chris developed Bye Bye Bubba. Bye Bye Bubba is a transitional pacifier system consisting of three BPA free pacifiers designed to aid parents in weaning children off their pacifiers. Children are attached to their pacifiers because of the soothing effect the suction provides. The more challenging it is to maintain suction, the less enjoyable their pacifier becomes.

A child begins with Stage 1: A traditional size nipple pacifier used for one week. After the first, comes Stage 2: A similar pacifier with a slightly shorter nipple is also used for one week. Lastly, Stage 3: The final one-week stage, uses another similar pacifier but with a significantly smaller nipple than the previous stages. At this point maintaining suction is extremely challenging. By the completion of Week 3, children either self-select to abandon or parents opt to remove the pacifier. At this time, with their child, parents can finally say: “Bye Bye Bubba.”

Prototypes below give an idea of size and structure (stages 1-3):

Risks and challenges

Bye Bye Bubba looks simple, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes! We’ve made every effort to account for the time required to get Bye Bye Bubba into market in as timely a fashion as possible, including hedges for minor hiccups. However, there is the possibility of unanticipated delays (minor to significant) in the following areas:

1) Design and manufacture of the three tools required to produce the Bye Bye Bubba Pacifiers.
2) Production delays, both related and not related to Bye Bye Bubba.
3) Testing and Certification: We won’t ship until we have our Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Certification!
4) Manufacture and production of the Bye Bye Bubba packaging.
5) Volcanic eruptions! (Seriously, it has happened and DID lead to delays launching a product.)
6) Shipping delays (after we’ve shipped) that are beyond our control.

Fortunately, we have stakeholders with significant experience in product design and manufacturing, capable of guiding complex products from conception through to production. We will work closely with our vendors throughout the process to ensure that when issues arise they will be addressed quickly. Our sourcing strategy placed our vendors within ready driving distance from our headquarters, so we will be present at each step in the process.

Finally, every child is different and Bye Bye Bubba may not work as intended with your child. Bye Bye Bubba is an aid for both parents and children and is designed to help ease children through a difficult transition helping them say “Bye Bye!” to their pacifier. Ultimately, the success or failure of weaning a child from their pacifier depends on parents’ and guardians’ active and loving participation in the process to help their little one make the developmental step away from their pacifier.

Bye Bye Bubba is a trademarked product from Parental Innovations LLC – Copyright 2015.

Parental Innovations

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