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Archived: Biological Anthropology – From Captivity to the Jungle: A photo book

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Biological Anthropology – From Captivity to the Jungle

by Justin Dagostino

I’m starting a Ph.D in Anthropology at Southern Illinois University and creating a photo book to document the journey.

About this project

The main tangible product that will be created from this project is a photo book titled “From Captivity to the Jungle.” The first copies will also be available as rewards to backers at the $100 dollar level and above.

Other things that will be created are holiday cards, VIP access to a photo blog, and digital copies of the first photos taken.

Holiday Cards – New Year’s and Halloween

VIP access to photo blog – Includes photos and journal entries not available to the general public.

Digital Photos – first photos taken will be sent to backers of this project.

Moving to the middle of the United States from Los Angeles is going to be a huge culture shock. Taking up photography and blogging about the experience will not only make the transition smoother but also aid my career as an anthropologist.

First, being able to capture high quality still images will be a method of therapy while adjusting to a new pace of life. It will also serve as great practice before going to Thailand and taking photographs of wild nonhuman primates in their natural habitat.

Second, photographs from the field are a huge part of research and blogging is a great way to quickly disseminate information.

I just attended the American Association of Physical Anthropologists 84th annual meeting in Saint Louis and one of the major discussions focused on crowd funding and blogging. Having a previous kickstarter campaign funded, I participated in the talk and was very optimistic about the process and encouraged others to do the same. As grant funding becomes harder and harder to receive, crowd funding provides opportunities that were not possible to researchers in previous decades.

Please take this step with me in helping fund this project. The money is going to create the photo book “From Captivity to the Jungle”, a new nikon DSLR camera, Nikon lenses, a travel equipment case, tripod and starting a research savings fund for travel expenses to and from the Thailand field site.

I thank you very much for your time checking out this project. I really hope you make a pledge and look forward to keeping in contact.

Risks and challenges

The two biggest risks and challenges with this project are going to be securing other grant funding to support my field research and the learning curve with still photography. I will be applying for grant funding after advancing to doctoral candidacy (estimated to be in late 2016 or early 2017 after passing qualifying exams) and if awarded, this will allow me to travel to Thailand and observe gibbons in their natural habitat. Also, I have over 10 years of experience with film making and editing, however, my skills at still photography are going to take some time to develop. But rest assured that I will give it my all and I am a quick learner.

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