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Apr 10, 2015 1:14 PM ET

Archived: Belle – Digital games and services for elderly: Many different and useful cognitive games in an easy operated system for elderly people

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 10, 2015

Belle – Digital games and services for elderly

Come and join us to make elderly happier!

We at BelleGames are proud to offer to our customers Belle the service that provides many different and useful cognitive games in an easy operated system for elderly people.


BelleGames Ltd. is a design studio from Oulu, Finland. Our passion is to develop fun and casual games for everybody who wants to play. At the moment we are focusing on gamified health care solutions for elderly, which include cognitive games and digital services that support elderly persons in their everyday lives.

We are participating in GASEL project (GAmified Services for Elderly), carried out by the University of Oulu. The CEO of BelleGames was selected as a chairman of steering group of GASEL this spring. In the future we participate also in the Tekes-funded Innovative cities, INKA program under the theme: Future Health togerther with Helsinki city, Mefys and other companies.



Aging population and increasing number of memory problems also among working-age people have created growing need for a variety of memory rehabilitative services. Our game portal content covers cognitive games sorted into appropriate classes (fun, addictive), information on health, diseases, benefits and services available.

BelleMemory memory game (www.bellegames.net/bellememory) has been developed in close co-operation with memory rehabilitation specialists, psychologists and occupational therapists. In addition, we are designing and developing six new cognitive games.

In addition to games the Belle also includes a remote rehabilitation system to support health care. When developing the service our original target groups are the elderly people and persons with memory problems. However the service can also be extended to other age groups, and other groups that require a variety of services.

The remote rehabilitation system consists of the following components: a video call, easy access to web services, cognitive games to maintain mental condition and exercise games to maintain physical condition.

Video calling enables the medical staff and patients’ relatives to track rehabilitation in real time (online). Game results and the data are stored into the cloud, where they are available if needed. Information content can be edited based on rehabilitator’s needs and desired objectives.

World has digitalized rapidly and many of the everyday services are moving to online environment. For example banking services are vastly online which has led to a point where there´s no local bank office available anymore. People that are not used to computers are hesitant to use these services.

We want to lower the bar for elderly people to use IT in their everyday life. We think that this is really important because population is aging in western countries. Our services help elderly people to live independently, refresh their memory, reduce feeling of loneliness and increase their sense of security.

A simple to use video call
A simple to use video call

Our solution

Many elderly people are shy on using computer because many feel that especially the use of computer mouse is complicated. Our company´s founder has experienced this herself when she began to use computers This is the reason why we have developed service that can be used on touch screen where the service can be used by touching the screen with a finger. This lowers the bar to use digital services.

BelleService includes e.g. video call that is an easy way to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Different public services can also be managed easily with the service. E.g. KELA (the Social Insurance Institution) applications and banking businesses can be accessed from your living room couch. Also doctor and rehabilitation services are included into the service.

Customer orientation is the basis of our product development. Because the service is provided with different types of licenses that customer can select from, that way the customer pays only for features that he/she selects to the service.

Easy access to internet services
Easy access to internet services

How the money will be spent?

The funds will be used to further develop our service and publish it in digital market places. Our priority is to implement and finalize the video call with voice control. At the same time we are planning how to implement easy access interfaces to Internet services that are as simple to use as possible. Also we are implementing new cognitive games that will be launched later this year.

The funding will be used as follows:

  • Belle product family development (90 %)
  • Marketing activities (5 %)
  • Co-operation network (5 %)
Lets make elderly happy!
Lets make elderly happy!


Our service includes cognitive games, video call and easy access to multiple online services. The service is available 24/7 anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection available. Although games can also be played without Internet connection and the results are uploaded into cloud service when Internet connection is available again.

Come and support the development of services.

Cherish your memories!

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Contact Information:

Pirjo Ritokangas-Huttunen

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