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Apr 10, 2015 12:44 PM ET

Archived: BCF – BIG CORNISH FESTIVAL: Bring a huge festival down to Cornwall fit for all ages

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 10, 2015



About this project

The aim of this project is to bring a huge festival down to Cornwall fit for all ages, as we believe the Cornish are missing out on this! There has been a huge interest in bringing Radio 1’s Big Weekend down to Cornwall on Facebook, but as they are in Norwich this year we thought we would do something ourselves!

Proposed Plans:

– Main Stage; headliners/ most popular acts
– Multiple smaller areas (Marquees/Tents etc) for specific genres of music; a ‘Trance Tent’ for example.
– Small stage for local Cornish talent, picked by you
– Food and drink stalls, all food locally sourced (& cider!)
– A great time for all!

Why I am crowdfunding

The money raised here will be used to book big performers for the festival, as well as helping meet the costs involved in renting land, equipment, security, staff and everything else that is needed! This route for raising the money avoids the downfalls of using corporate sponsorship/ loans etc.


  • £25 a thank you note on a plaque at the front of the festival.
  • £50 (the most common amount donated on Crowdfunder) you will receive a free T-shirt.
  • £100 will get you a free ticket to the festival once the full amount is raised!
  • £250 will get you a VIP ticket entitling you to meet all the acts and access to all VIP areas, along with all the other rewards. (20 available)
  • £500 will get you a package of 10 tickets and 10 Special T-shirts. (Only 10 available)


Thank you for reading and please give anything you can to help this festival go ahead, every small donation helps a big amount!


Q: Does the money get taken out of my account instantly?

A: No, it will only get taken from your account should the full amount be raised.


Q: Do we know who will be performing at the festival?

A: Not as of yet, it totally depends if we reach the stretch target or not, then bigger acts can be booked! There are plans for artists of a range of genres to be booked with separate areas for different genres so the festival is enjoyable for all audiences!


Make sure you join us in the campaign on Facebook!







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