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Aquavert by EIJ Industries – First green product approved by the EPA to clean and sanitize without the use of chemicals

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Aquavert by EIJ Industries

Aquavert by EIJ Industries

Featuring safe sanitizers for the consumer, commercial and medical industry. Eco friendly water based products approved by EPA.

Aquavert by EIJ Industries is raising $5,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000.


  • Early opportunity for investment on a proven technology.
  • Game Changing technology that is sustainable, green and revolutionary.
  • We are first to market with this product in a $5.6 billon industry.


Aquavert is the first green product in a $5.6 billon industry approved by the EPA to clean and sanitize without the use of chemicals. Being first is key for both investment and maximum revenues.


Why We Started This Company

We started Aquavert as a means of giving consumers a safer alternative when choosing products to clean their homes and businesses. Most cleaning chemicals used today are harmful for humans, pets and the environment. Additionally, “green cleaners” and most ecofriendly cleaners do not kill germs when cleaning. Aquavert solves both issues. There are no harmful chemicals and it is EPA certified to kill 99.99% of germs! Aquavert is derived from all natural ingredients: salt and water, and offers the safest choice in killing germs around any environment.

What Sets Us Apart

Our innovations enabled us to develop a new sanitizer for consumer and commercial use that kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses. The active ingredient of hypochlorous acid is are 120 times more effective than hypochlorite liquid bleach, but as safe and gentle to humans as simple saline water. We are the first company in the USA to get an EPA Certification for a one step cleaning and sanitizing application using our process. We aim to give consumers a better alternative to clean without the need to use harsh chemicals. Our products are safe to humans, pets and the environment even though we kill germs more effectively than most products that use harmful chemicals. There are no eye, skin, or respiratory dangers while using Aquavert.

Our Keys To Success

The keys to our success begins with being unique and better than our competition. That simply means that we have to be willing to explore unchartered territory and ignore our detractors. What we’ve accomplished thus far has only been made possible because we were willing to go beyond where others have failed. Next we have to focus our energy on being a low cost producer in order to maximize our earnings in a competitive industry. Lastly, we must educate the consumer about our unique brand.


Pollis Robertson, CEO EIJ Industries

Mr. Robertson has over 20 years’ experience in both flexible and contract packaging. He started EIJ Industries in 2002 as a manufacturer of polyethylene based products used for food packaging. In 2010 EIJ added contract packaging to its portfolio.Shortly thereafter, Mr. Robertson began the Aquavert project, which involved taking an unstable form of Hypochlorous acid and stabilizing it for an all-natural sanitizer to replace ammonia, alcohol and bleach based cleaners. Remarkably, Hypochlorous acid in storage bottle form had not been previously approved for sale by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a sanitizer cleaner. Mr. Robertson created a great synergy by combining his packaging expertise along with understanding of the wonderful technology of Hypochlorous acid which then gave birth to Aquavert. Mr. Robertson is determined to give homes, schools, and businesses the opportunity to use products that revolutionize the cleaning industry in a very positive way.

Tony Robertson, COO, EIJ Industries:

Tony Robertson joined EIJ in 2010 as the Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Robertson primarily oversees the contract packaging division by managing the responsible departments that handles everything from production, scheduling and sourcing raw materials. Mr. Robertson is a very skilled project manager and holds several certifications in that area. Previous to EIJ, Mr. Robertson served as a business development manager at both IBM and Wireless Resources.

Rallou Eanes, Interim CFO, EIJ Industries

Mr. Eanes has spent 20 years in the Chicago and Milwaukee, Wisconsin markets working with business owners, CEOs and CFOs to optimize their capital structures and cash management strategies. He advises clients by understanding their medium and long-range personal and business objectives, as both a financial professional and a former business owner. Mr. Eanes has served multiple industries from manufacturing and wholesale distribution to non-profits. He has had successful experience in providing fiscal, strategic and operational leadership to uniquely challenged organizations. Mr. Eanes has helped manage EIJ’s fiscal policy as well as forge several banking and investor relationships.

Paul Theriviparampil, Chemical Engineer, EIJ Industries

Mr. Theriviparampil has expertise in chemical manufacturing and professional quality control, production management, process engineering, analytical chemistry, new product formulations,

Doug Kindred, CEO EAU; Advisor To EIJ Industries

Mr. Kindred has over 30 years of management and engineering experience in numerous industries. He was a co-owner and Vice President of ESI, Inc., a turnkey, design/build engineering construction firm for over 18 years. He served as President of an air pollution control equipment manufacturer prior to joining EAU in 2002. Mr. Kindred began his career as a sales engineer with ACIPCO and then worked as a project manager for Burlington Industries, Inc. . He is a registered professional engineer. EAU is a top advisor and equipment manufacture to EIJ Industries and very instrumental in our ability to develop Aquavert.


Met efficacy requirements for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for our Aquavert line of sanitizers. Awaiting certification.

MARCH, 2014

Aquavert sanitizers received a heavy endorsement from the United States Government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Opened the all new web store at www.aquavertclean.com and began selling its first units to new customers.


Met efficacy requirements for the EPA for a hospital grade version of Aquavert. This version kills the class of viruses associated with EBO

MARCH, 2015


Pollis Robertson

Pollis Robertson

CEO and President

Pollis Robertson is the founder of EIJ Industries. The company was started in 2002 as a packaging supply company. Pollis has 23 years of packaging experience and with a strong emphasis in plastics.
Contact Information:

Pollis Robertson

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