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Archived: Zipline Green, Inc.: provide eco-friendly technology and transit solutions that innovatively meet the current demands and sustainably co-create the future development of our client communities

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Zipline Green, Inc.

Winter Park, FL 32792, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy

Zipline Green exists to provide eco-friendly technology and transit solutions that innovatively meet the current demands and sustainably co-create the future development of our client communities. Our patent pending Oasis Smart Guideway™ is an infrastructure bridge between developed areas which incorporates transportation, power generation, power grid extensions and storage, pipelines, and high speed data access—in short, all the resources communities need to develop and flourish. As an added bonus, it powers itself and is managed by a single, proprietary digital control system that operates both the Oasis Smart Guideway™ and the integrated components.

For the past five years, we have self-funded the research, case studies and patenting processes. Our patent applications were filed in the US and with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in December 2013. In May 2014, we received notice that we have passed our first test: WIPO found over 20 aspects of our invention to be unique and patentable!

Several developing nations have pledged to invest approximately $200 Billion into green energy infrastructure. Preliminary discussions with several potential client communities has resulted in responses ranging from “we would be interested in this technology immediately” to “would you consider selling the intellectual property outright?” Given this commitment, there is long-term demand for Zipline Green solutions.

We are seeking $500,000 in angel funds to cover our startup. The design and development phase for our Smart Guideway software will then require $19.7 million to complete. In return for this capital, we are offering stock in the company. Based on feedback from potential clients and forecasted project financials, we feel confident in stating that our investor’s stock will be worth nearly $55 million within four years and we believe our investor will be able to exit the company in five years, should they choose to do so.

Products / Services

Oasis Smart Guideway(tm)

The Oasis Smart Guideway™ is a solar-powered transit system housing a flexible combination of infrastructure components operated by a single digital control system. But what does this mean?

A guideway is a groove or track along which something moves, such as the rail along which a monorail runs, which are essentially reinforced concrete or metal tubes which also contain the control and power hardware and associated cabling for the transportation component of the system, the train or tram. The Oasis Smart Guideway™ expands upon this basic concept by incorporating additional infrastructure elements in a more protective, controllable and flexible structural environment. In the current design, added infrastructure components may include any or all of the following: transportation, power generation, power grid and storage, pipelines, high speed data. The OSG also includes a single command and control system to operate the Guideway and included infrastructures.


Chief Executive Officer
Peter H. Diebel

Peter H. DiebelPeter H. Diebel, MBA is a problem solver who has maintained this as an unofficial job description for nearly 20 years spanning multiple companies and industries from startups to members of the Fortune 50. Pete has provided external perspective and devised successful interventions for challenges in the areas of operations, performance management, human resources, and project management. Among his accomplishments, Pete co-designed a Human Resource Information System; actively participated as a key member on design and project management team for ERP implementations; and earned a Microsoft Certified IT Professional designation. Pete co-created our Oasis Smart Guideway™ and conducted virtually all of the proof of concept and initial design development which resulted in the award of patent pending status for the Oasis Smart Guideway™. As CEO of Zipline Green, Pete is the face of the organization and leads the continued evolution of our integrated infrastructure solutions.

Chief Operating Officer
Jeffrey G. Soper

Jeffrey G. SoperJeffrey G. Soper, Ph.D. is the co-creator of the Oasis Smart Guideway™. He has more than 40 years of experience in operations, performance improvement, sales and marketing, and possesses proven technology development leadership. Jeff is a sought after advisor to CEOs and management teams world-wide. He has helped individuals, teams, organizations, and entrepreneurs achieve the results they desire through challenging, providing insight and facilitating development in five crucial areas: Coaching, Leadership, Innovation, Strategy, and Business Acumen. This proven combination of competence and approach transforms high potential into high performance. Dr. Soper has held faculty positions at Penn State University, The University of Tampa, S.P. Jain Center for Management in Dubai and Singapore, and the Swiss-based Montreux School of Business and has experience in many of our targeted regions.

Director Information Technology
Sylvain Lyoen

Sylvain LyoenSylvain Lyoen (Software Development Project Manager) Mr. Lyoen has nearly 20 years experience as a software development program manager. His abilities, as demonstrated through several complex international technology projects, makes him an ideal candidate for the development team.

Director Software Engineer
Hitesh Patel

Hitesh Patel (Optimization-oriented Software Architect) Mr. Patel is an expert in optimization and associated program development, and a Certified Microsoft Developer. He is a proven application architect, designer and developer with more than 16 years of experience on successful and progressively more complex projects.


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