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Apr 9, 2015 2:55 PM ET

Archived: We Are Scotland: A new community newspaper encouraging Scots to keep discussing and exploring politics using creative and rational thinking

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 9, 2015

We Are Scotland

by Neil Pitman

A new community newspaper encouraging Scots to keep discussing and exploring politics using creative and rational thinking.

About this project

The Idea

Your opinion matters! We want to create a new community newspaper for Scots that encourages critical thinking and creativity to discuss and explore current events in UK and Scottish politics. In the last 12 months it’s become clear that the mainstream media in the UK doesn’t represent the opinions of the everyday citizen. With a large percentage run by foreign millionaires, why would it? We want to rectify this by getting the people of Scotland to take part in all aspects of the creation and running of the newspaper. Anyone can take part, whether it’s in our creative projects, simply expressing your opinion, or writing in-depth articles for us. We believe in you, and want to share your thoughts with like-minded Scots.

Update: We unfortunately cannot set the price for the newspaper and postage at £2.60, something we only discovered after creating the campaign! We are currently exploring alternatives to settle the difference with backers, such as including badges or stickers. Please stay tuned for updates!

How you can take part

The first step is to like and follow us at www.facebook.com/voicesofscotland where we post all our briefs and updates. Our first edition has numerous ways in which you can take part.

Want to write an article for us? There is still space for more in our first edition. We’re looking for articles that focus on the economy or the media in the UK. Get in contact at wearescotland@outlook.com with your ideas and we’ll email you the details.

Take part in our main creative brief for the first edition:

Or tweet us your thoughts about the potential ban on encrypted messaging services, such as snapchat, @weare_scotland with either #proban or #antiban and your thoughts. Your opinions will accompany an article about plans to ban encrypted messaging following the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Is that it? No, this is only the beginning!

We have lots more ideas and plans, but we don’t want to bombard you. We’ll periodically set new briefs and ask for your opinions through our facebook page over the course of the crowdfunding campaign, so following is essential!


Below are mock images of our perks, as such it should be noted that colours appear more dull than they will in the final version (which uses 100% cyan and magenta).

Newspaper Mockup
Newspaper Mockup
A2 Poster
A2 Poster
T-Shirt (In your size)
T-Shirt (In your size)

How realistic is it?

The first edition is already around 60% complete – with articles, opinions and creative work we’ve already gathered. But, the project can’t be a success without your contributions! If our crowdfunding is successful the newspaper is guaranteed to make it to print. We’ve already published a small newspaper run with a reliable Glasgow based printer and will be using them again. As soon as funds are received the newspaper will be sent to print (around 2 weeks after the campaign finishes). How far the project can go after that is down to you!

Posted in secure jiffy bags through Royal Mail.
Estimated Delivery: 18th – 22nd May

The team

We are a small group of Graphic Design students from Edinburgh Napier University.

Neil Pitman Editor/Creative Director
Rosie Rees Primary Team Member
Ken Clark Primary Team Member
Heather Mcmanus Primary Team Member

This online portfolio can give you a glimpse of my previous work and design skills here

Risks and challenges

As hinted above, the project carries virtually no risk to backers as it is already in production. Once funds are received the project will immediately be sent to print. The funds received will be used to cover the cost of production, postage and promotion – which has been priced to 1000 copies. We have managed to secure a partner to help us reduce the cost of printing, but due to the nature of print costs we can only offset the price so far. If we are able to reach a stretch goal we will be able to offer better perks as the cost for printing each edition decreases. It merely requires your input and backing. The challenge for us is how many people we can get on board, discussing and sharing the idea. Again, this is where we rely on you! If you like what you see then please share our story through social media and get involved!

Contact Information:


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