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Apr 9, 2015 3:22 PM ET

Archived: Small Entrepreneurs – Pikkuyrittäjät: a club where children can try out, how it feels like to be an entrepreneur

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 9, 2015

Small Entrepreneurs – Pikkuyrittäjät

Let’s make children’s ideas happen!

Listen to children playing. You hear ideas. You hear stories, where everything is possible. Let’s make these ideas happen in real life! Our goal is to have Pikkuyrittäjät clubs all around Finland.

Pikkuyrittäjät (Small Entrepreneurs) is a club for 4.-5. graders where children can try out, how it feels like to be an entrepreneur.

What happens in Pikkuyrittäjät club?

In Pikkuyrittäjät clubs children will develop new ideas around various themes and learn by doing. One club consists of nine club events plus additional company visit. At the final day of every club, all small entrepreneurs can use the skills they’ve learned: All teams will meet their potential real customers and be able to sell them their real products or services.

During the first club day children learn about what is entrepreneurship and how do enterprises work. After this they invent their own ideas and choose one for further development. During the next days children name their companies, write slogans, design and draw logos and make advertisements, to be able to present their ideas on the final day. Every company will also set up a real webpage. In addition to this there is a visit to an advertising agency during the club, where children have a possibility to familiarize themselves with the world of advertising.

Why are we doing this? Which are our goals?

We are helping children to find their personal strengths and learn new skills. We offer positive experiences and would like to show, that anything can be achieved with an entrepreneurial mind set!

We support every child to try new things and use their existing skills and knowledge. This helps children to adapt a good attitude towards their future lives, school and working careers.

By supporting Pikkuyrittäjät you can affect on our future builders. How do today’s children see entrepreneurship and how do they act later in working life.

Our vision is to make Finland to know about Pikkuyrittäjät, and by 2020 run 1000 clubs yearly, reaching around 25% of 4.-5. graders every year.

How will we use the money?

Our goal is to have Pikkuyrittäjät clubs all around Finland.

With your help we could start new clubs around Finland, educate new instructors, gather and produce new material for clubs and organize visits to various companies.

Join us to make Small Entrepreneurs big!

Your support is more than money. It’s happiness, feelings and learning by doing. You can help us to create possibilities for children. Every amount of money is big for Pikkuyrittäjät – even the smallest one. Choose the most suitable way for you to support our clubs. Every penny goes for children, to our small entrepreneurs. This campaign has an official fundraising permission (rahankeräyslupa).

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