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Archived: Real Men Wear Pink: a project that gets men more involved in Breast Cancer Awareness projects through photography

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Real Men Wear Pink

by Stephen Mark Land Jr

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Real Men Wear Pink is a project that gets men more involved in Breast Cancer Awareness projects through photography.

About this project

Hello. My name is Stephen Mark Land Jr, I am a NYC Personal Trainer, Model and Night life entertainer. I started Real Men Wear Pink after my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. We have all done the walks and races, we’ve shaved our heads and donated money to the cause of breast cancer to all of its various foundations and fundraising groups.

What makes this project different?

Breast Cancer is a female focused cause although men are affected by breast cancer statistics show that females are highly more affected. Our goal is to get more men involved with breast cancer through photography by staging projects like photo books and calendars.

The great thing about this project is that last year I funded 100% of the Real Men Wear Pink Calendar 2015 out of my own pocket. Which means I have solid numbers on how much this project actually costs and what I can do to brings costs down.

The over all goals of this project:

#1 To start a company that gets men more involved in causes starting with breast cancer.

#2 To use photography and art as a way to motivate, encourage and inspire those who have struggled or are currently struggling with breast cancer.

#3 To raise awareness and funding to eventually have the ability to write checks to families who can not afford breast cancer treatment.

Risks and challenges

Of course with every project there are risks and challenges. For us that includes

*Getting our male models to show up to photo shoots (Last year all of my models volunteered their time)

*Getting product sold is always difficult, getting into retail locations that will actually target the different variations of groups that will purchase our products.

*Getting everything done in a timeline that will allow us to be present during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October.)

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