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Permatrack Systems: a leading innovator in the Premium Rail heat treatment and rail recycling industry

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Permatrack Systems

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Permatrack Systems is a leading innovator in the Premium Rail heat treatment and rail recycling industry. Extensive research and prototype construction and testing has been completed with our strategic partner. The first commercial machine was sold to Sydney Steel in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1990 and ran successfully for 10 years. Coopers and Lybrand stated the 50,000 ton process line contributed $ 10 million per year to the bottom line. The second commercial machine was sold in 2000 into a joint venture with ABC Rail Products and Illinois Central Railroad with a new plant to be built in Chicago. ABC Rail Products was placed into Receivership in October of 2001. This technology and process line was recently purchased back from the Receiver and we are now relaunching this proven technology with updated engineering innovations . Permatrack is able to process Continuously Welded Rail ( CWR) into Premium Rail to deliver a weld free seamless 1/4 mile length that is ready to install. Rail welds are the source of most of the track failure issues in these times of heavy axle loads, and this process COMPLETELY eliminates the weld zones. Rail processed by Permatrack has several significant safety benefits including the strongest metallurgical grain structure and balanced residual stress. These factors allow us to produce the safest, strongest and longest lasting rail available worldwide. We have ‘ in-service ‘ documentation and extensive studies for verification proving that the cost savings are significant to the Railroads. With the advent of extra heavy and extra long trains, the railroad industry demands this superior technology. Our mission is to improve rail safety .

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Deep Hardness Pattern in New and Used Rail

A process utilizing sophisticated induction heating and air cooling to head harden and reconstitute the metallurgy as rails are driven through a computerized machine. Long strings of welded rail, called Continuous Welded Rail or( CWR) , can be heat treated. This eliminates the weld zone which has proven to be the area where most defects and breakages occur. New or used rails are given a life multiple of 5 to 7 times the wear life of standard rail. Used rail that was ready to be scraped can be recycled using the Permatrack process and put back into heavy haul mainline service for about 1/3 the cost of new rail. All sizes, all grades and all chemistrys of rail used worldwide have been successfully heat treated and installed. with documented wear histories, some as long as twenty years.


President Business Development
T.Edward Whittick

T.Edward WhittickEdward Whittick completed 6 years of Business School at U.B.C. He founded Whittick Steel Fabrication in Vancouver, B.C. in 1975. To service the expanding tar sands industry, he founded North American Specialty Pipe in Calgary, Alberta in 1980 which utilized induction hardening and induction bending of line and slurry pipe for the oil and mining industries. He began research into Premium Rail in 1985 and completed several major prototypes. World patent s for the Permatrack process were initiated in 1988. Mr. Whittick co-developed these processes utilizing the research and manufacturing skills of our strategic partner,

Vice President Marketing
Frank L. Shearer

Frank L. ShearerAn MBA (Honours) graduate of Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand, Frank has additional training in Veterinary medicine, reproductive physiology, and agribusiness. As a successful entrepreneur he has started, acquired, managed, and sold several profitable businesses in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.


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