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Archived: NeuroMem: develop, market and sell Neuromorphic ICs, boards and development tools

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Petaluma, CA 94952, US

NeuroMem develops, markets and sells Neuromorphic ICs, boards and development tools. Our architecture is inspired by the human brain and enables pattern recognition applications which are orders of magnitude more efficient than traditional, CPU-based, implementations. Pattern Recognition is everywhere. Smart objects with sensors, Big Data Analytics, Security, Industrial Inspection, Military, Medical and Automotive sectors need low power, space efficient and real-time pattern recognition. We already have fully working silicon, reference boards and a PC-based development environment. We already have some limited real-life deployments. Our technology is way ahead of what competitors have announced. We have a core team of highly experienced people with a proven industry track record. Now is the time to launch and build a strong worldwide leadership. We need funding to fully gather the winning team, address the high volume markets and grow quickly.

Products / Services

NeuroMorphic ICs, Subsystems and IP Licenses

Our CM1K chip is a chain of 1024 identical neurons with the same behavior, all interconnected through a small bidirectional bus.
All neurons receive and execute the same instruction in parallel (broadcast mode).
The” winner-takes-all” and novelty (in the absence of winner) can trigger autonomous learning.
The neurons can behave collectively as a K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) classifier or a Radial Basis Function (RBF) classifier.
Recognition and learning latencies are constant, in the order of micro-seconds per pattern.
Neurons are trained by example and decide autonomously when it is necessary to commit a new neuron and/or correct their feedback loop.

Based on the CM1K chip, we also offer reference designs (NeuroStack, CogniSight and BrainCard) enabling fast application development and deployment. We will also develop and sell industrial boards for Machine Vision and Data Center markets.

We plan to license our IP to large Semiconductor companies.


Chief Executive Officer

Philippe LAMBINETSenior Executive in the Semiconductors and Digital Consumer sectors, with a proven track record in developing successful large businesses and leading global international teams. Former Senior Executive VP, Corporate Strategy Officer and General Manager of the Digital Sector at STMicroelectronics. Former CEO of Advanced Digital Broadcast SA, a leader in Digital TV solutions. Successful track record of growing large businesses. ADBN achieved a successful IPO at the Zurich Stock Exchange in 2005.

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