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Archived: Leadership to end bullying: a program that targets young adults and bullying in all walks of life

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Leadership to end bullying

by Ray Ellis

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This is a program that targets young adults and bullying in all walks of life.

About this project

This project is to build an anti-bullying program that actually works. The basis for the program, (which you have my word, will not be spelled out in the program in the manner that it is explained here.) will be best described as a victim’s club instead of a traditional support group, though it comes with a built in support group. Half of this program will be personal interaction, and the other half unanimous. It can be used in Schools, Churches, and organizations such as scouting and private clubs and organizations. The best part is that the young person can turn to people they are comfortable with even when they are not comfortable with traditional resources.

Let’s start with the literature. This will include two very important things. 1st it will have a short book with my own personal bully story. My bully was my own mother. There are many people who find themselves in this situation and feel they have no way out. I have been there and know this pain. It took me until I was a grown adult to find resources to help in these matters. Especially when young people feel that no one will believe them because they are “just kids”.

In this day and age there are many types of bullying and kids from all walks of life are bullied based on everything from race, religion, looks, disabilities, sexual orientation and identity and so on.  There needs to be a group of people willing to listen and help those who are victimized to take action to stop the cycle and reclaim their life and self-worth.

The 2nd publication and an even more important one is the story of my adopted son, whom was bullied by a teacher and a teacher’s son. It pushed him to a breaking point where he attempted suicide and has had many issues since 4th grade when this transpired almost a decade ago.

There will also be a leader’s book that if funds are found for this project will be printed and electronically formatted. It will contain every resource that the adults overseeing the program need. It will also have extensive instructions.

Then there will also be the student or “victims” guide. This will have resources, projects, stories, and other vital tools that will help each of the young people who use it to grow and overcome their aggressors.

Moving forward from this point there is the website. This site will have open forums where each young person can tell their stories anonymously and find others like themselves and state by state directories of resources. If the plan goes as follows there will also be a live chat where these young people, protected by an access code only given by their mentor, so that there are no adults other than mentors allowed in chats. Even then mentors will be limited to report access. That way, this is always a safe place to discuss things.

There will also be the text and call resource line manned by other victims on a volunteer basis during set after school and weekend hours. This program will be run through the website and provide for an anonymous live person for that personal touch when needed from time to time.

Another option could be a call center type of setting, on a voluntary basis, through one of many local civic organizations. Essentially, young people will be trained to field anonymous calls from their peers. Personal feelings and the separation from them will be covered in the training, as well as sensitivity and stereotype negation aspects of Psychology. An incentive for these unique groups of volunteers would be recommendations letters to their choice of college or university from the program directors and the civic organization directors at their discretion.

My future plan for this program, after the successful launch, is to add an app that is very similar to the website in features and options. This is just mentioned to show one of the plans for future growth of the program.

It should be noted that this program will be non-profit, though it is designed to financially sustain itself. As much as I would love to, I can’t just give this program to every school, church, and organization and expect not to drain myself and the generous contributors who help to launch the program. The funds you contribute to the program will be used for design, publication, website building, and advertising and distribution. The funds I am requesting are a bare minimum in launching the program as a whole and still leaves a portion to be paid out of my own pocket as well as time invested. I am willing to do my part to see that this program is launched.

Please note that the name probably won’t be the same at the end of project. However, it does best describe the program based on the current outline. I plan to market this program nationwide.

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge I will face in this is time. I want to launch by November so that the program can be in schools by the second half of next year. To help with this hurdle I plan to involve my family instead of having to raise funds for hired help. I have two grown daughters who are College and Military educated, whom have great work ethic and believe in the project.
Another issue might be publishing of written documents. This is why I intend to self-publish so that I can name the date, and the publisher concentrates more on proofing, printing, and distribution. This accounts for $3000.00 of the funds requested.
I have marketing plans, though I am always open to further suggestions. I have all the resources I need for counseling and community resources. Most of the work outside of marketing is planning and writing, which as long as I have a computer I can accomplish even if I became injured or ill.
I do not think there are any other possible delays outside of unthinkable things, such as death or dismemberment. I certainly hope neither are a factor during this project or any other in the near future.

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