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Apr 9, 2015 1:59 PM ET

Archived: Inside out by Gunilla Thorslund: peek behind the curtains of the Swedish welfare state

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 9, 2015

Inside out

by Gunilla Thorslund

An astonishing peek behind the curtains of the Swedish welfare state. Discover all about power, at notion you are not supposed to speak about in daily life.

Fiction, Politics
Page Length:
100 – 250 Pages
Book Status:
Working Draft

The story is designed to make the reader reflect about contemporary life at the same time as being entertained. There is in some aspects a discrepancy between the world inside the welfare state in comparision to the world outside. This book allows you to take a peak behind the curtains.

The book will contain five chapters. The head characters are not the same in the different chapters but there are some similarities between them as for example they all being women and upper middle class.

The first chapter is a monologue about power in the Swedish (welfare) state (excerpt, part 1).

The second chapter contains a story of how it can be to be a woman on a high position in the government tax administration, limited by the system, by women and by men.

The third chapter tells about what happens if a educated woman, owning her own flat, suddenly finds herself unemployed and without social benefits, mainly because she was ambitious a year earlier.

In the fourth chapter we can follow a woman through the the process of receiving the news of breast cancer and the different turns in the medical service (excerpt, part 2).

Finally, the fifth chapter is about integration in Sweden which is a complex matter with many taboos.


Interview with Gunilla Thorslund

What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

The funds will enable me to write the book, finding an agent and get the book published.

Why did you write the book?

The world inside the welfare state is sometimes very different from the world outside. The bureaucracy might tear people to shreds instead of helping them out. I want to share my experiences from the inside and of what can happen when people are caught in the net of power emanating from the “good” state.

What was your inspiration for the book?

My inspiration for the book is based on my own experiences, working inside the welfare state and the experiences of a lot of people being subjected to the state. Inspiration has also risen from the fact that you are not supposed to talk about power but to subordinate.

Stockholm, Sweden

Member Since Feb 2015

Gunilla was born and raised in conservative Strängnäs, Sweden. She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Laws. She also possesses an education in journalism. When she finally has chosen to write a book about some of her experiences from the Swedish welfare state, she has decided to write in English, which is not her mother tongue. Gunilla lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Contact Information:

Gunilla Thorslund

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