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Archived: God Bless the Child, A Memoir: A Daughter’s Journey from Rejection to Redemption

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God Bless the Child, A Memoir

by Lynette Davis

Lynne, like other six year olds in the small enclave where she lives, wears clean clothes and has a warm place to sleep, but Lynne doesn’t have the one thing that she needs the most–a mother’s love.

Memoir, Nonfiction, Spirituality
Page Length:
250 – 500 Pages
Book Status:
Completed Manuscript

The title of my book is GOD BLESS THE CHILD, A Daughter’s Journey from Rejection to Redemption; and the goal of this campaign is:

1) to raise the funds needed to publish my book; 2) to raise social awareness about emotional child abuse; and 3) to help victims of emotional child abuse.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Did you know that more than 686,000 children were victims of maltreatment in 2012?

According to the Child Maltreatment 2012 report (released every two years): (http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cb/resource/child-maltreatment-2012)

Another 1,640 children died in the Unites States in 2012. Abused children often suffer injuries including cuts, bruises, burns and broken bones. Child abuse (maltreatment) includes all types of abuse and neglect of a child under the age of 18 by a parent or caregiver that results in harm or potential harm. There are four common types of abuse, physical, sexual, emotional and neglect.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse refers to behaviors that harm a child’s self-worth or emotional well-being. Examples include name calling, shaming, rejection, withholding love, and threatening. Emotional abuse is NOT a parent or caregiver having a bad day (which all parents have, at some time or another), but a systematic, long-term, maltreatment of a child. Unfortunately, emotional abuse is often overlooked because most people can’t see it, but the harmful effects of this type of abuse is often more long-lasting than other types of abuse.

I am pledging 10 percent of the funds raised in this campaign to CAPA (Child Abuse Prevention Association), an organization that is “committed to preventing and treating all forms of child abuse and neglect by creating changes in individuals, families and society that strengthens relationships.” (You can learn more about CAPA at http://capacares.org).

The remainder of the funds pledged in this campaign will be used to publish–professional edit, professional cover design, typesetting and printing of pre-ordered books–God Bless the Child. Any funds raised over our goal will be used for book marketing.

There are several pledge levels to choose from, tailored to fit every budget. When you pledge to this campaign, you will receive a cool reward, such as a chance to win an Kindle e-reader, signed copies of my book, along with some other cool rewards.

It is my hope that by sharing my personal story of childhood emotional abuse, my journey from rejection to redemption, that it will help alleviate some of the pain experienced by adult survivors of childhood emotional abuse; and ultimately, help facilitate their healing.

Will you join my campaign today? Every dollar pledged to this campaign moves us closer to bringing this project to life, raising social awareness, and facilitating healing for individuals that have been emotionally abused.

Together, we can make a difference.

Lynette Davis    

Interview with Lynette Davis

Why did you write the book?

I, initially, decided to write this book to “tell my story,” a story that I had kept buried for many, many years because I felt ashamed, alone and confused, for my children and grandson, so that they would have a more complete picture of me and maybe understand why I made some of the choices I did in life, and continue to make. However, I decided to publish this book when I realized that I was not alone, that my experience is more common that I could have ever realized. Before writing this book, I did not know that I was a survivor. I want to encourage other survivors that if you survived your childhood abuse (and you did because you’re still here), you can survive practically anything. Before writing this book, I did not know there was such a thing as “emotional” abuse. I’m publishing this book to raise awareness about emotional child abuse because every child should have a chance to just be a child.

Who are your favorite authors?

My favorite author is the late Dr. Maya Angelou, a survivor, who wrote her biographical memoir, I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS, around a central theme of sexual abuse. Despite being sexually abused as a young child, Dr. Angelou told her story and showed millions of women that they did not have to be ashamed of what happed to them. I am encouraged by Dr. Angelou to bring my story out of the dark and into the light, to “tell my story,” in the hopes that it will help someone else move past shame, guilt, isolation and depression. Dr. Angelou not only told her story, she reveled in it, rising above her extenuating circumstances of a sexually abused child to an empowered woman. I believe in the power of words to touch and heal. I believe in the power of story. As Dr. Angelou showed us, as writers, we never know how our story will touch some and transform other. If my story can help someone, then my experience will not have been in vain.

What was your inspiration for the book?

On a personal level, I was inspired to write this book to facilitate my healing. My inspiration for this book is my “what if” question. “What if your childhood experience was all for a time as now?” I know that all things work for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28. I am inspired to publish this book in the hopes that adults who have grown up with the pain, hurt and isolation of emotional abuse as children will know that they are not alone–that they can have healing and peace. I am also inspired by the fact that, through heightened awareness about emotional child abuse, children may be spared or rescued from an abusive situation or environment.

What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

10% of the funds raised through this campaign will go to CAPA (Child Abuse Prevention Association) to provide counseling for traumatized children of abuse. The remaining funds will be used to publish (professional editing, professional cover design, formatting and printing of the books pre-ordered through this campaign) GOD BLESS THE CHILD. Any funds raised over our goal amount will be used to market the book.

Thank you for your help.

Southern California

Member Since Jan 2015

Lynette Davis is the Founder of REFLECTIONS BOOKS, a memoir and writing platform, a writer, editor, survivor, advocate for emotionally abused children, and the author of the upcoming memoir, GOD BLESS THE CHILD, A Daughter’s Journey from Rejection to Redemption. When Lynette is not writing, editing or advocating, she can be found reading memoirs, listening to R&B oldies, taking long walks and spending time with her grandchildren.


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