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Apr 9, 2015 9:42 AM ET

Archived: GIROS: Auxiliary table with a fresh and functional design

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 9, 2015

GIROS – Auxiliary table

by Cristian Reyes

Auxiliary table with a fresh and functional design

About this project

Auxiliary table with a great functional design. This piece of furniture with two surfaces allows a rotational movement which provides great versatility. The essence of times past can be felt in the whole structure with a touch of Nordic style to create a nice and cozy atmosphere.


This three-legged auxiliary table has the distinction of having two table tops,one inside the other.The lower table top,which is attached to the legs,is fixed while the upper one is moveable.The upper table top,which is joined to a threaded screw,separates when turning from the lower one with a rotating movement.This way it provides additional storage space for books and other objects;and leaves the upper part clear so we can use it to put cups or other things.Depending on the rotation direction,the two table tops separate or approach until come together as one.

  • Very easy to use
  • Natural concept and environmentally responsible
  • Good storage of things
  • Versatile and multifunctional character
  • Best quality material
  • Good finishes


MEASURES: Diameter 20.47 in x 19.29 in ( 520 mm x Height 490 mm )

WEIGHT: 22.05 lb ( 10 kg )


GIROS is definitely the best choice as an auxiliary table to share your space and to accompany your moments of leisure and relaxation.It will satisfy all your needs when storing your belongings and in these meetings at coffee time with your friends and family around it.


This design is supported by the Red Dot design concept award in 2013, considered one of the best in the world of design,and It has been mentioned and published in different websites and magazines around the world such as:

We have enjoyed working at every stage during the performance of this magnificent idea and consider it a pleasure to share with all of you some steps normally are not visible to the user:

Final sketches about our concept of auxiliary and coffee table

 Some examples about GIROS

 Overviews of the concept and details of the operating system

Various aspects of using GIROS


GIROS is only made in beech wood from sustainably managed forests.All of the pieces are manufactured and assembled handmade in Spain.These pieces are sanded and shaped with the utmost love and care, in order to create a product of the highest quality.Finally, the wooden parts are covered with water-based varnish that is more eco-friendly than traditional ones.The lower table top is given a light coloured finish with an environmentally friendly water-based lacquer which is the best option for long-term product protection.

Continuous interaction with the craftsman to ensure the highest quality


We are using crowdfunding to help us raise money to manufacture,at least,30 units of this unique auxiliary table.We would like people who support us to feel involved in this project.They will be an important part of the creation process of one of the pieces of this limited number series,and they can also buy them to decorate their homes.


After manufacturing,we will ship to our dear backers directly by the most effective express shipping after packaging in Spain.


Reward nº2 / Pack of 12 units of round paper individual tablecloths with printed logo & sketch


Reward nº3 / Pack of 12 units of round paper individual tablecloths with printed blue logo


Reward nº4 / Pack of 12 units of printed cardboard blue-checkered coasters


Reward nº5 / Pack of 12 units of printed cardboard blue coasters


Reward nº6 / Mixed Pack of 24 units of round paper tablecloths


Reward nº7 / Mixed Pack of 24 units of printed cardboard coasters


Reward nº8 / Pack of 4 units of printed cups with logo & sketches


Reward nº9 / Mixed Pack of 12 coasters,12 tablecloths and 4 cups


Reward nº10 / GIROS table with lacquered in Blue


Reward nº11 / GIROS table with lacquered in White


Reward nº12 / GIROS table with lacquered in Coral


Risks and challenges

I,Cristian Reyes,as a professional product designer,have trusted the Spanish company LATIZO to manufacture the tables.This company is responsible for the production and quality control of the product.The company is located in Valencia,Spain(Europe).LATIZO has produced several prototypes with excellent results.They were all perfect.
I can confirm that GIROS is an original and a quality product and we possess the industrial design registrations guaranteeing that it is not a copy.

Thank you again for the support!!!





Contact Information:


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