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Apr 9, 2015 11:03 AM ET

Archived: Fun & Games A Father Daughter Team – Each month we alternate, from book to game

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 9, 2015

Fun & Games A Father Daughter Team

The story of the project

Nevaeh and I create Interactive – Animated Books & GamesWe are a Father Daughter team creating games, and interactive animated books.

When you get to end of a book, that’s it, last page, you’ve finished. The interactive animated books are so great, because you decide where the story goes.

As the story progresses, You will be presented with choices. Should the character go north, south, get in a car and go for help, or take matters into his or her owns hands.

When you finish our books, you can re-restart the story, and take a new direction to discover a completely new story.

As for games, we make the typical clicker type skill games, fantasy adventure games, and learning games for little ones.

Each month we alternate, from book to game. Kind of like the book of the month club, but with games tossed in the mix.

So rather than making one single game, were going build 12, games, and animated books that are also interactive. As a Kickstarter backer of our project, you will receive an interactive book or game each month. These books and games will be playable on all android devices, as well as Kindle HD and Kindle Fire. And of course, all games and books will be completely free of annoying advertisements and in app purchases. If we meet our stretch goal, we’ll spend extra time rebuilding all games and books to run on the internet, PC, and Apple products.

And you’ll be making a father daughter team, very happy. Thank you.

Risks and challenges
Now that I have a new little one, the challenge will be keeping my head from smacking the keyboard as I nod off while working on this wonderful project.With 10 years of experience, and Nevaeh by my side, I see years of intriguing animated interactive story books & great enlightening games in our future.

How the funds will be used

Project Team

Contact Information:

James Savage

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