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Apr 9, 2015 4:40 PM ET

Box Five: Offer venues, hotels and corporates high quality entertainment in and around London

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 9, 2015

Box Five

Box Five

Project aim

It is my ambition to offer venues, hotels and corporates high quality entertainment in and around London, in the hope to expand after year 3 and then launch nation wide.

About the project

In order to secure future further investment, I must have the essentials in place to be able to show the quality of the shows and entertainment I have put together. This requires that I hire a venue for 2 days. Hire a film company to come and record the various sections from a 44 song, 10 show, showcase. Hire a AV company to provide sound and lighting. Pay for post production mixing and editing and audition prospective candidates. Once i have done this and recieved the finished recording, I will meet with investors in order to try and secure investment.

I know that there are many companies and agencies that also create and recreate shows. I have witnessed first hand at many hotels that they are not performing any thing new. At Box Five I have put together 10 production shows, which I believe to be unique. I am hoping that this and the quality of artists used is what will make Box Five stand out. The idea is not to alienate popular or more generic themes, but to offer entertainment productions that are not cliche.

The idea is to make Box Five a reveered sought after entertainment company. Not only will Box Five offer 10 full scale production shows, It will also offer 15 further shows, high class function bands, established DJ’s, offer a range of impromptu performances and a variety of ways to stage shows. Box Five will offer work shops led by professionals in the West End and offer themed, costumed nights for private engagements. Box Five has also sourced respectable affiliates nation-wide to come on board and expand what Box Five can offer.

For the filming of the showcase, I shall be begging and cadjoling colleagues and friends to rehearse and perform free of charge. I’m hoping that we can film the whole show in one day. If that happens then we should be able to offer friends, clients and investors a chance to come and see what Box Five does live. I am also hoping to get some stars of Musical Theatre and Film to make cameo apprerances on the DVD. One of which has the london record for most consecutive performances as Jean ValJean in Les Miserables and another lovely young talent who starred in the Disney film Malificent with Angelina Jolie.

So all the leg work and ground work is in place. It is just a case of hoping that you lovely people can see the vision I have for this company and what it is capable of acheiving. I know that there are many worthy causes registered on here. However if Box Five does not reach it’s target i’m afraid to say that I will receive nothing.

Currently, I have gone about as far as I can. Without funding I am limited in proceeding unless my numbers come up in the lottery. After many years of working with and for companies I know the standard of what is expected and what I expect to produce. I have venues and contacts who are waiting for this Showreel and are keen to book shows in. Having worked at some prestigious venues over the years I have an excellent rapport and I am confident that this is just the beginning of something really quite special.

So I leave it you and I hope that you will donate to Box Five. Thanking you in advance even if it is just for reading this.


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