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Apr 9, 2015 1:24 PM ET

Archived: BORDO mini: everyone must have this wallet – stylish, practical, qualitative and minimal size

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 9, 2015

BORDO mini: everyone must have this wallet.

by Andrew Skop

If you want your wallet to be stylish, practical, qualitative and has a minimal size, choose Bordo mini.

About this project

Hello from Ukraine! My name is Andrey, I’ve been engaged in making leather accessories since I was 16. As you know, there is a lot of competition in this field. Large companies produce leather accessories by hundreds of thousands if not millions, and sometimes quality suffers.

Bordo is about craftmanship, quality and personality. Each of these wallets have a history and is hand made by me. We want the world to see Bordo Mini, as it displays our philosophy in the best way.

Bordo mini is created in classical colors: black, brown and red
Bordo mini is created in classical colors: black, brown and red
Pictured: Key fold, Headphone Case and Bordo mini.
Pictured: Key fold, Headphone Case and Bordo mini.

These accessories are not just stylish and eco-friendly, but also very practical: they are small, virtually indestructible (watch our next video;) and they keep your belongings safe and sound.

  • Top notch quality: only natural leather is used in our products;
  • Created with a modern man in mind, Bordo Mini boasts ultra capacity while maintaining the size a bit larger than a credit card;
  • Bordo Mini fits up to 10 cards and 15 banknotes at once;
  • The construction of Bordo Mini is well-thought-out, and it keeps your money and cards safe;
  • Our accessories are Fire Resistant!! (see the video below)  😀
  • 100% handmade;
Only a bit larger than a credit card
Only a bit larger than a credit card

It took us a while to design Bordo Mini. Our goal was to create a wallet that would satisfy all our demands: keep our belongings safe, while maintaining a minimal size, high-quality, be simple and capacious.

I want to produce the brand of really good accessories. And I need resources to realize my ideas in real life. I need special expensive equipment, which will help me to make my products faster . Your support will give us a possibility to buy raw materialsin bigger portions. This will definitely reduce the priceof the end-product. And of course, your support will help us in assembling, packaging and shipping products to you.

packing Bordo mini
packing Bordo mini


Attention, please!

I want to pay your attention for a few important things:

– Cards are stored in Bordo mini with the help of a special qualitative elastic . This elastic will keep your money safe and won’t let them be lost.
You can see it in Bordo mini crash test.

– The separation for cards doesn’t fixed to the base of the wallet, but because of properties of natural leather it has this position. Also it is better for using, when it doesn’t fixed.

– We use the leather received as a result of drum dyeing. On the front side it has natural patterns. A structure and a shadow of the leather are unique at every product and it doesn’t repeat. So, that is why products can be a little different than a product on the photo. All strips on the surface that are possible – are scars and creases. With the help of all these things every our product is unique and that is so awesome!

– As you could see in our crash test, I scratched Bordo mini and it still looks like a new one. But red and brown leather will have some impresses after scratching it with a sharp object. These impresses will almost dissapear in a few hours.

– Also you saw me burning the leather. We really recmmend you not to do this. Because you can spoil your wallet, and it will be not really important of what it is made. If you want to know how to differ natural leather from faked – write to me on Facebook. I will be really glad to answer all your questions)

Risks and challenges

We have a great experience in this sphere, so it will help us fulfill all our promises in time. Although we don’t see any risks or challenges, there is always the possibility of shipping delay or apocalypse may happen. But our team will try to do all possible to escape this and especially, escape apocalypse.

Contact Information:

Andrew Skop

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