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ViaChat Inc: Enabling commerce over mobile messaging

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ViaChat Inc

ViaChat Inc

Enabling commerce over mobile messaging

ViaChat Inc is raising $250,000 with a minimum reservation of $5,000.


  • Mobile Messaging Customer Service solution with push applets released
  • Launch customers for three verticals signed
  • Team comprised of former Cisco, Alcatel and Serial Startup execs


Mobile users will send 33 trillion messages to each other, none to business. SMB eCommerce is $100B market growing at 30%. ViaChat connects these two by enabling commerce over mobile messaging.


  • Funding Goal $250,000
  • Current Reservations $20,000
  • Minimum Reservation $5,000
  • Interest (% per year) 6.00%
  • Term Length (Months) 24 months
  • Valuation Cap $4,000,000
  • Conversion Discount (%) 15%
  • Warrant Coverage (%) N/A
  • Open Date 03/16/2015
  • Closing Date 04/24/2015


Why we started ViaChat

Customers are on mobile and overwhelmingly using messaging for personal communications, but cannot connect to businesses. We believe that text messaging is the preferred interface for simpler transactions but app-type graphical user interfaces are required for most business interactions. Each small business cannot have its app or require consumers to have them. Smaller businesses are increasing offering eCommerce, a $100B market that is growing at 30%, but these are web-oriented, not mobile focused. The related on-demand mobile services market (ordered from mobile but fulfilled offline) is impacting broad categories of the service economy (business services, transportation, food & dining, care services, health & beauty, delivery, events, travel), each solution requires users to discover and download their specific app. Although million plus apps exist on stores, typically less than 5-7 apps are actively used. Users prefer the app UI, but app discovery model is broken.

These are some fundamental disconnects between consumer mobile experience and access to business commerce and services that ViaChat is trying to address.

What sets us apart?

ViaChat upgrades mobile messaging to a business commerce/services platform that can push custom apps to users providing ease of access and the elegance of graphical UX. ViaChat platform aggregates on-demand businesses to provide discovery, information, ordering, payment, fulfillment (off-line) and confirmation; in short it automates the service economy by enabling commerce and business services through applets over mobile messaging. We believe this is disruptive and transformational and will change forever how we get services from business.

What is the our key to success?

Viral growth with enterprise monetization model:

  • Free mobile messaging for smaller business to connect to the millions that are already messaging
  • Free custom apps that can automate commerce and service delivery while providing elegant user experience
  • Let’s business easily host products, services and offers with location based discovery
  • Solutions customized for vertical markets — food tech, education, community, customer service, etc
  • Starting with pay for use – transaction fees charged only when the business gets value.


Mobile messaging customer service with push applets released

MARCH, 2015

In discussions with Global Fortune 500 med-tech company for mobile customer service


Launch customer for education vertical signed


Launch customer for mobile messaging commerce in food services signed



Shahryar Talukder

Shahryar Talukder

Co-founder, CEO

Shahryar Talukder has done multiple startups in the enterprise software space. With CallComm Technologies, he build OEM partnerships with Cisco Systems and Lucent Technologies that lead to the global deployment of UC Collaboration software with instant messaging. Prior to this, with Lucent Technologies and supplier agreements with SBC/Verizon, CallComm developed and supplied VoIP contact centers to Genentech, Oakridge National Labs, and Lockheed Martin etc. He has a BSEE from King’s College, and Masters from Imperial College, London University.
Sharan Hiremath

Sharan Hiremath

Co-Founder, GM

Sharan Hiremath is a co-founder of Viachat Inc. He had founded a cloud solutions startup called “AriveGuru Tech Solutions P. Ltd” in Bangalore. Since AriveGuru, He is focusing on building scale-able enterprise cloud and mobile solutions. He had previously held various positions in Cisco, Infinera and Wirpo. Sharan received his Masters in Software Systems from the BITS Pilani in 2005 and Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from UBDT College of Engineering in 1997.


Team Member Name

Sarat Khilnani

Vice President, Product Management atIntermedia

Networking industry executive, focused on the development and deployment of Unified Communications/IP PBXs over IP networks. Grown businesses generating > $200M
Team Member Name

Gordon Drew

CFO at Physical Optics

Finance, General Admin, HR, Board of POC, Luminit, Broaddata. CEO Conveyant, CFO, CXC. Negotiated multiple VC and institutional funding rounds
Team Member Name

Eric Helgeland

Co-founder at BBH Optical Partners

Strategy Dev/New Biz Creation; First Chicago, Household International, NatWest, Intersect (marketing analytics), Fingerhut, (internet and direct retail M&A)
Team Member Name

Meheriar Hassan

CEO, Terafina

Expert digital and direct distribution channels. McKinsey & Company, Board Mechanics Bank. EVP US Bank, Wells Fargo, SVP Digital Insight, Prof USC Biz School
Contact Information:

Sarat Khilnani
Gordon Drew
Eric Helgeland
Meheriar Hassan

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