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Archived: uRevu: Uberize any Business – The world’s only real-time, on-site, employee identification and rating mobile App

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Uberize any Business

Meet uRevu: The world’s only real-time, on-site, employee identification and rating mobile App that gives customers a voice in their customer service experience.

Have you ever been disappointed with the service you received at a restaurant or maybe a hotel? Ever had such a stellar experience with a waiter or other service professional that you felt like you just had to tell someone about it?

uRevu is the easy, awesome way to share your customer service feedback — the good, the bad, and everything in between.

We’ve all had our share of good and bad customer service experiences, but here’s a question for you: how often do you actually fill out the cards or go online and fill out the surveys they give to you to rate your experience?

Sure, you might head to social media as a place to rant or rave about the service you received, but your tweets, blogs, or Facebook posts hardly ever make it to the screens of the people in charge — the ones who need that feedback to make a difference in the way their businesses treat customers. Even on using business-rating sites like Yelp, it’s hard to pinpoint the employee who served you, and if a supervisor can’t identify the employee, they can’t help to fix the problem.

This is where uRevu comes in! By giving users the ability to easily identify and rate employees, uRevu lets customers rate their service in real-time and get instantaneous response from the employees’ supervisors.

The result: you get a voice in your customer service experience, and the chance to improve the customer service and overall business performance of the companies that you love.

uRevu is the new and exciting way to interact with customer service providers by bridging the gap between customer and company.

uRevu allows customers to identify employees and rate them on their service directly from your smartphone. Your feedback and comments go directly to employees’ supervisors, meaning hard-working employees may be rewarded and less-than-ideal customer service can be addressed and if necessary acted upon.

Not only does this allow companies the ability to address problems more directly: it makes employees more conscientious about their performance, leading to an all-around higher commitment to working hard and improving your customer service.

As if that wasn’t enough, customers like you can be rewarded for rating companies with discounts, special events, and even free stuff!  uRevu creates a better environment for everyone to work and be served, and in this, everyone is happier: a true win-win scenario.

uRevu is a totally fresh take on the business rating concept.

Instead of rating an entire location,uRevu lets you rate on a person-by-person basis, meaning you can get to the heart of what defined your experience, express which employees impressed you and which ones gave you less than ideal service. This way, companies know how they need to work with these employees in the future, and employees understand what areas they need to improve or are rewarded for their hard work. It’s an app that’s designed to help improve the company as a whole but also the service that you’ll get in the future at that company.

Now, we know what you’re going to say: this all sounds cool, but how does this app work? Will you have to input information and try to track down the employee’s name, position, and information just to complain about a bad car repair? We’re here to tell you that’s not the case at all!

uRevu uses beacons and Bluetooth technology to give each employee an individual tag that will transport their name, picture, and title to your phone.When you’re within range (max 150 ft) of one of these beacons, uRevu will allow you to rate these employees and will even list the employees in order of closeness. In other words, if all employees are wearing beacons but your waiter is literally right next to you, your waiter will be the first one to pop up on the list of employees to rate. You’ll just have to open the app, select your employee and then rate them out of five stars. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can even leave a comment to give more constructive feedback about your service!

In a hurry to get out of wherever you want to rate? No problem! uRevu allows you to save certain employees to rate later on! Whether on site or at home, you can easily let your voice be heard.

The uRevu team has a patent pending to protect the technology and innovations that are the foundation of the uRevu concept.

Our patent covers everything that involves using a beacon to review anyone or anything, whether it’s the waitstaff at a local restaurant, the salespeople at a store, a hotel room, a car or driver, even a ride at a theme park.

This patent is the launchpad that will propel uRevu to the forefront of the mobile social economy, and we are excited to see how our IP paves the way into the future of uRevu!

All sounding appealing? You’re not the only one who thinks so! The uRevu team recently ran a poll of more than 400 mobile phone users, and the majority of respondents said they believed that uRevu would improve the standards of customer service, and would download the app there and then if given the chance!

So far, the uRevu team has completed and tested a prototype successfully. We’ve also given the product to a pilot client, Lincoln Limousine, a private car service in New York City. This should help to perfect the app before its released to the public. Still, though, we need funding in order to finish the app’s production, create and distribute the beacons, and market uRevu.

For more information about the future of uRevu and how you could be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile.  You can find and follow us socially here:


Brock Wylan
Founder & CEO

After receiving poor customer service at a car company, Brock wondered why there wasn’t an app to communicate directly with someone who could fix the problem. From that moment on, he vowed to make that app that improved how people were able to voice their customer service experiences. Brock is a lifelong entrepreneur with a passion that he brings to everything that he does. Formerly the president of Picture Publishing Inc, he traveled the world and directed a team of writers, designers, and photographers to produce content for three different publications. Brock currently works as a partner at Wylan/James Real Estate Development, and his latest work has been praised by the Los Angeles Times.

Reja Sabet
Founder & CFO

A third generation entrepreneur who has successfully executed seven different startups, including the multi-billion dollar FLAG Telecom with Verizon, Reja Sabet knows how to get a project executed and implemented. Previously, he worked as the COO of beauty.com, which was recently bought by Walgreen. He received his BBA from Wharton School of Finace and his MBA from NYU Stern. Reja hopes to significantly raise the standards of customer service with his eighth startup: uRevu.

Steven Goldstein

Steven is the Executive Vice President and a General Counsel of an International Fortune 500 Financial Services Company operating all over the world.

Kurt McIntire​
Kurt is the President of Vektor Digital, one of the top mobile app developers in the world specializing in iBeacons, with offices in California and Minnesota.


Nima Yousefian
Director, Professional Services Sales New York Region, Microsoft Corporation

Andy Ellerhorst
Serial Entrepreneur, Former COO of luvocracy.com (just bought by Walmart)

Eziah Syed
Senior Manager, Global Strategy, Innovation & Corporate Development, Deloitte

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Brock Wylan
Reja Sabet
Steven Goldstein
Kurt McIntire​
Nima Yousefian
Andy Ellerhorst
Eziah Syed

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