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Archived: The New Pet Airways: Resurrect the only airline specifically for pets

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The New Pet Airways

Palo Alto, CA 94301, US
Transportation & Distribution

Pet Airways was a startup company that flew over 9,000 pets coast-to-coast and to 9 cities, from 2009 to 2011. Revenues in 2011 were approximately $2.3M.

It gained worldwide media attention by becoming the only airline specifically for pets.

Instead of pets flying in the cargo hold where it is dangerous, the airline flew its pets, in safety, in the main cabin.

No other airline provided this service then, no other airline provides it now.

Although it was launched during the Global Recession of 2009, over $3.5M was raised. At its demise, it had achieved a Positive Gross Margin and was only about 6 months from breakeven. Strong demand for this service continues to exist.

We propose to resurrect the service, as a new company, using all the knowledge and experience gained from the old company.

Products / Services

Main cabin air transportation for pets

Pet Airways is a pet-only airline.

Our pets travel in the main cabin, not in cargo.

Cargo is a very dangerous place for pets. Temperature is a big issue . When the weather is even slightly warm, a cargo hold can reach 120 degrees in a very short amount of time, subjected pets to stress and even death.


President Executive Officer
Dan Wiesel

Executive Vice President Marketing Officer

Alysa Binder
Contact Information:

Dan Wiesel: dan@petairways.com

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