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Apr 8, 2015 7:14 AM ET

Platinum Series Baseball – A Fast-Paced, Baseball Strategy Game That Puts You In Control Of A Major League Franchise

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 8, 2015

Platinum Series Baseball

A Fast-Paced, Baseball Strategy Game That Puts You In Control Of A Major League Franchise


The Only MLBPA-Licensed Baseball Strategy Board Game currently available

Platinum Series Baseball is a new baseball strategy game that allows you to create a fantasy roster of players by adding Player Packs to build your ultimate team of All Stars!
I have been a huge baseball fan my whole life and have collected cards for years. I loved trading them to get different players.  This campaign gives me the opportunity to share that excitement with all baseball and strategy game fans.

Build Your Fantasy Team!

Contributors receive the FIRST EDITION Platinum Series Baseball Game Set that will include everything you need to start playing right away!

Platinum Series Baseball Game Set Includes:
  • 1 game board (12″x12″)
  • Quick Start Instructions (unlock advanced gameplay at
  • 3 ten-sided game dice (Red, White and Blue)
  • 1 Starter Pack of player cards (30 Random Players)
  • 1 Game Score Sheets
  • 6 Player Card Holders (Markers)
PSB includes 30 player cards in the Starter Pack, with at least two players for each position.  Build your fantasy team with PLAYER PACKS that contain 12 pitcher and batter cards, with a full team in each pack.


Platinum Series Baseball’s player cards are the heart of the game.  They make the game fast pace and easy to play while maintaining an incredible level of baseball authenticity and statistical accuracy.  This balance of gameplay and realism is achieved by Platinum Series Baseball’s comprehensive player ratings, which are included on each player’s card.  Each player card has numerous ratings, including range, speed, arm strength, power, fatigue, fielding, jumping, bunting, # DL days, and more.  Even each ballpark has unique attributes:  varying outfield fence distances and heights, different infield and outfield types, different foul territory sizes and even unique effects on certain types of plays.

Platinum Series Baseball is easy to set up and get started.  Each manager selects there team, making your starting pitcher, lineup and batting order, even determining time of day and the weather on game day.

The offensive manager rolls the dice for the batters and the defensive manager should roll for the fielders when applicable.  The decisions of the manager and the luck of the roll will always affect the outcome.

Here’s how to play:  

Everything from clutch Home-runs to 4-6-3 Double Plays! Each player’s odds to achieve a more desirable outcome are based off their stats on the Player Card. Our Player Packs will be available to purchase with random players that include at least one player for all fielding positions with a few extra pitchers. This way you can play right away and continue to build your ultimate team, as well as giving you an opportunity to exchange Player Cards with friends to get your favorite players! 

Build Your Team with Player Packs

Platinum Series Baseball is enhanced with the edition of player packs.  Each player pack includes 12 random players, with at least 1 player for every position to give you a full team in each pack.  Grab a wax box and get 24 Player Packs.  We plan to release updated Player Packs every season.  Our first edition player packs were created using 2014 player stats.



Help us raise 10 times our goal and we will be able to develop a Platinum Series Baseball mobile app.  We hope to make this soon, but exceeding our goal will allow us to prioritize the development of an app for scoring games, tracking your season, and connecting with other PSB players.


Help us raise 20 times our goal and in addition to developing a mobile app, we will organize an event to bring together PSB players and hold a “world series” competition to name the first Platinum Series Champion.

PSB Community

We are building a community at to connect players and answer questions about the game.  We also want your help creating PSB Mini-Games and sharing them with other players.

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The PSB Team

Platinum Series Baseball Inc. is a Denver, Colorado based company. Established in 2013, Platinum Series Baseball Inc. was founded by Patrick Durkee, a baseball and trading card fanatic who is looking to rejuvenate the baseball strategy board game industry with an exciting new approach in the form of Platinum Series Baseball.

The sales and marketing team is lead by Todd Leveque and Mark McManus out of the Columbus, OH office and potential the US Distribution headquarters.

PSB set out to create a game that can be played for years and years. PSB makes use of real season stats of the players that create a more realistic experience. You can continue to build a dynasty of sorts by collecting the best players, in their best years statistically.


Do I need to buy more cards to play PSB? Answer: No, PSB comes with everything you need to play. 30 of the 744 player cards are included with the full game, giving you at least 2 Player Cards for every position.

How is PSB different than other baseball board games? 

Answer: What makes PSB different is that it is a higher level of strategy than other games out there.  PSB is also the only MLBPA-licensed baseball strategy board game currently on the market.

What makes PSB a realistic baseball strategy game?

Answer: The level of intricacy compared to other games we grew up with.  The level of precision that PSB delivers allows both players (both managers) the ability to make many decisions on every roll of the dice.  Your decisions as the manager play a critical role in the outcomes.

How is the game played?Check out the instructions on our website at

When will PSB ship?

Answer: June 2015

Official Licensee of Major League Baseball Players Association

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