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Archived: It’s about the Money, Honey!: the fourth in the Get It Together Girl workbook series

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It’s about the Money, Honey!

by Karyn L. Beach

Save up to $200 a month (or more) without giving up fun or your life. Saving doesn’t have to equal sacrifice!

Ebooks, How-To, Self Help
Page Length:
50 – 100 Pages
Book Status:
Completed Manuscript

Get It Together Girl: It’s about the Money, Honey – Saving Dollars Makes Sense is the fourth in the Get It Together Girl workbook series. All of the books are short and written with a feisty and fabulous sense of humor.

The books are short on purpose because they are designed to be worked as much as they are to be read. Knowing what to do is half the battle … actually doing it is the other half and Get It Together Girl workbooks are designed to give readers both sides of the equation.

From reviews to emails I have received, I know that my books have had a positive impact on the lives of my readers. I fervently believe that It’s about the Money, Honey has the potential to be the biggest seller yet. With some people still reeling from the effects of the recession and other financial setbacks, saving money is of paramount importance to so many families.

With the money raised from this campaign, I will agressively promote this book and get it into as many hands as possible. My expenses will include:

  • Press release writing and distribution

  • Facebook and other social media outreach and advertising
  • Hiring a public relations firm (for several months) to help me promote the book
  • Banner ads on appropriate web sites and blogs

Sounds like a lot for $5,000, right? Well, I will be very economical with how this money is spent and have every intention of getting my money’s worth.

Interview with Karyn L. Beach

Why did you write the book?

This is the fourth in the Get It Together Girl series. The books in this series are designed to help busy women get a grasp on the things that keep them from living the life they want to lead.

I have tackled home organization, time managment and goal-setting. In today’s climate, a workbook on saving money needed to be written. It’s about the Money, Honey isn’t about theory or macro-economics or the 1% vs, the 99%, it is an workbook designed to help readers take an intimate look at their spending and make some changes that will result with more money without extreme and unsustainable sacrifices.

What was your inspiration for the book?

The book is inspired by some things that I do and that others do to make their money go a little further. I saw people living great lives and still saving money. I strongly felt that more people needed to be made aware of some of these ideas.
Not all of them will be new, but some will. Plus putting them all together can lead to major savings!

What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

You can have a great book but how great is it if people don’t read it? I plan on using the funds to promote and market my book. There are some things I can do on my own: write press releases and media kits. However, I would like those to be reviewed and edited by a professional.
I also need to pay for the distribution of my press release. I plan on orchestrating a social media campaign that contains free and paid post, tweets and advertisements.
I am also hiring a firm to help me promote the book for several months.
I want to do a lot with the money I raise, but I plan on doing my homework. Price is a concern but so is the return on my investment.

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