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Apr 8, 2015 3:29 PM ET

Archived: ihiji – Zero Maintenance Remote Network Management Solution for IT Professionals

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 8, 2015

In the Internet Age, technology never stops, and neither do IT professionals.

Offices and businesses everywhere rely on their IT professional to keep their networks and devices running smoothly.

And now, IT professionals can rely on ihiji’s Invision to make sure they’re the first to know if their client’s network or network-attached devices need attention, and to help them more efficiently detect, diagnose and resolve problems — without having to go on site.

ihiji’s Invision is the only zero-maintenance, cloud-based, remote network management solution for IT professionals.Unlike other, over-engineered solutions that require onsite servers and complex deployments, Invision:

  • is easy to set up
  • requires zero maintenance
  • uses minimal equipment (a palm-sized appliance is the only onsite hardware)
  • features a centralized web-based dashboard that lets service providers manage multiple client networks at once

ihiji’s Invision fills the gap between the low cost but high maintenance needs of open-source solutions, and the high cost and complex operation of enterprise-focused network management products.

With no server required, a simple web-interface and a low pricepoint, Invision addresses the needs of independent IT professionals who service multiple small-to-medium sized businesses and need a simple, intuitive, reliable and affordable solution to help them more effectively manage and grow their business.

Until recently, the needs of the IT network management market were being partially met by Cisco OnPlus, a service very similar to ihiji Invision, and with significant traction. But Cisco recently stopped selling this product due to a re-org to focus on the enterprise network market, and will be shutting down their servers next year. Once Cisco shuts down completely, they will leave thousands of partner-clients looking for alternatives.With many former Cisco clients already on board with us and more joining every month, this represents a significant opportunity for ihiji to expand its customer base.

ihiji is already on the market and seeing great sales. Hundreds of active IT professionals are currently using Invision to manage thousands of networks, and that number is growing every month. A roster of experienced, industry-recognized advisors further cements ihiji’s ability to meet the needs of IT professionals and their clients today and tomorrow. Ihiji is rapidly acquiring more users, however, we can’t acquire much faster without increasing our marketing spend, as well as our sales and support staff. Our team, introduced below, is dedicated to efficiently scaling ihiji to meet the growing demand of our target audience.

Stuart Rench, CEO, was heavily involved in the development of ihiji on both a technical and a conceptual level, in addition to serving as CEO. He has a Computer Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and his background includes Research and Development at BellSouth Home Networking Technologies, as well as founding, growing and selling his first business, InvoStar, along with the other three core founders of ihiji.

Mike Maniscalco, VP of Product, spends much of his time honing the product/market fit and developing strategies to broaden the company’s reach and increase revenue. He has a Computer Science degree from Georgia Tech. He worked in Research and Development at BellSouth Home Networking Technologies and founded, grew and sold InvoStar along with the other three core founders of ihiji.

David Rench, VP of Finance, is responsible for all of the back office processes and logistics. In addition, he is currently responsible for managing the sales processes and analyzing sales metrics to improve those processes. David has an MBA from Southern Methodist University, and founded, grew and sold his first business, InvoStar, alongside the other three co-founders of ihiji.

Randy Isbell, Director of DevOps, is responsible for developing, improving and managing the processes that ensure our solution remains highly available and scalable. Randy is an accomplished technical leader, project manager and information systems professional with a strong background in systems design, development and implementation of internet applications and large, complex open-system architectures. Randy has over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing complex systems for organizations such as Motorola, ExxonMobil, Total Minetome, AT&T Wireless, and Cisco Systems.

Contact Information:

Randy Isbell
David Rench
Mike Maniscalco
Stuart Rench

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