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Apr 8, 2015 7:00 AM ET

Archived: Hang it up safer with Quikclix! The Quikclix applicator eliminates the use of a ladder for many tasks conducted underground

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 8, 2015

Hang it up safer with Quikclix!


The story of the project

Hi there,

The quikclix was designed and patented by myself out of the need of hanging and retrieving items at height.
This is how the Quikclix applicator and fasteners were created and since then the uses for it have just grown. it can be used by electrical contractors hanging up electrical and data cables, horticulturists repairing damaged netting for orchards, retail staff hanging up sales signs and decorations, but I think one of the best uses so far is for hanging Christmas lights off your low set or high set house gutters.
The Quikclix applicator eliminates the use of a ladder for many tasks conducted underground, in turn creating a much safer work environment. The fact that you can hang objects up at various heights without even getting up a ladder is just brilliant.


How it works
– The applicator is loaded with 10 fasteners and the internal tube is placed inside and locked with a twist of the handle.
– The fastener is ejected with a 90 degree twist of the end dome.
– The fastener is positioned at the end of the fastener so you place your Christmas lights, wiring, cabling, mesh, signs, decorations etc
– Then you reach up and clip the fastener on the roll of the gutter, hook, wire, netting etc. Then pull gently and the fastener is released, continue the process until the task is completed
– When you need to retrieve the items, you place the empty applicator under the fastener, seat the dome opening to the base of the fastener and twist and push. The fastener will flex and release allowing you to reuse it next time.
– If you find you need to reach a little bit further, the Quikclix applicator comes with and extension handle that you attach to the applicator
– If you want to reach even further you can purchase another Quikclix Extension handle which simply attaches to the original Quikclix Extension handle.
I truly believe I am on to a winner here with this product as I have a huge amount of support from family, friends, the market and associates in the industry.

So here I am seeking support to finish off the tooling and get my product on the market to fulfil my dreams, and I thank everyone for their support.


How the funds will be used

This is where the project is at the moment.
For the last 3 years I have funded all design, patenting, components, two prototypes, testing, trialing and market research.
What we need funding for now is to complete the final manufacturing, assembly costs. Once this is done 1100 sets of components will be available to assemble 1100 units which I have already purchased the bodies of the applicator, carry bags and end caps. Assembly can then start and when this is achieved, then I can focus on sales of the Quikclix applicator.
Production and assembly costs
Total $25,000
This is the applicator prototype. It has performed exceptionally without any modifications to the internal dome set. I have modified the locking mechanism to the handle so it can be better operated by people with problem hands.


These are the fasteners which are loaded into the applicator. They can be clipped back together to be reused over again when they are retrieved.

This is the bag the Quikclix applicator and fasteners will come in. There is a pocket inside to house the fasteners, it has a carry strap and is logo’d on both sides. I did this so that even in dark conditions the bag can be seen. This also goes for the colour of the applicator and the sticker, which is a durable reflective 3M material.


Some of my other work

After being in the building industry for most of my career, I can say I am quietly confidently and well experienced in most facets of construction from maintenance, residential renovation, commercial, hi rise work, new homes, architectural construction and running my own construction company. I suppose working in this industry you have to have a certain amount of creativity to overcome problems and keep the jobs on track. I have a special love for renovating old Queenslanders and turning old houses into modern masterpieces. To me, its the best job ever as at the end of the job you can see what you have created and the looks on your clients faces when they feel the same way is priceless.
To be honest, I have not had any experience with the whole process of getting a product on the market from scratch but it has been a huge learning curve for me which has had LOTS of challenging moments!
I have completely enjoyed the whole designing process right down to the finer details. The software programs were awesome to work with and the final files were better than I could have ever anticipated. In regards to building my first website, it was challenging ! .www.quikclix.com.au


I don’t foresee any major challenges apart from sourcing funds to get Quikclix on the market. To date I have paid for all costs for the project, which has made it progress a little slower than I would have liked it to. However, I have learned a bit more about patience and planning. Most obstacles have been overcome to get to this stage in my project, I am looking forward to seeing Quikclix on the market in the very near future. So many people will benefit from using this product due to its ease of use and the fact that they don’t have to use a ladder as much, this makes it a safer alternative in the workplace and around the home.www.quikclix.com.au

Project Team

Wade Nielsen

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Message Supported 0 ProjectsFacebook linked as Wade Nielsen with 24 friends.

Wade started in the workforce back in 1978 in Brisbane. Because of a very low demand for apprenticeship’s he tried various positions as a sheet metal worker, baker, window assembler, aluminum window maker, Taxi driver and a window/door installer but finally got an apprenticeship as a carpenter in Sydney with help from his twin brother Shane who is still building in Sydney.
He came back to Brisbane and became a licensed builder and built new homes, extensions and finally settled in residential renovations in the inner city. Wade enjoyed the challenge of renovations and excelled in this field.
Wade had twin girls born in 2009, both have cerebral palsy and running a construction business was physically and mentally draining so he started work in the mines up in Emerald. The girls needs were and are still high with equipment and therapy being expensive. Wade will be donating $1 for every Quikclix applicator sold, to the Mater Children’s Hospital and has plans to do more in the future for Cerebral Palsy and sick kids as there is a shortfall with financial help for parents and carer’s in this area.

Contact Information:

Wade Nielsen

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