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Apr 8, 2015 3:58 EST

Clippingbook Inc: The Visual Search Engine

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 8, 2015

Clippingbook Inc


Clippingbook Inc

The Visual Search Engine

Clippingbook Inc is raising $3,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $5,000.


  • First & Only in Business to deliver this Customization in Search
  • We are currently live and growing fast organically and by Acquisitions
  • We have a solid Management Team, experienced and motivated to succeed


ClippingBook, the Visual Search Engine has proven its business model. Our Company is consistently closing deals to allow expansion with Strategic Alliances, Key Industry Players and the best in Tech.


CLIPPINGBOOK, the Visual Search Engine

Read the story…

Suddenly Search became Personal (understanding our product)

Imagine a Search Engine where the search results are just the beginning of a splendid exploration full of visual aids, video and text all seamlessly bound in a trip journal that we call a Book.

As in any Journal, you make it personal and you customize it until you make it your own. We simply provide you with virtual shelves in your own Library of Books in the Cloud where you can retrieve your collection, share it with friends and family or keep them as long as you wish.

It works, every time.

You just simply go to www.ClippingBook.com and enter your search term. You will see how magic happens in front of your eyes when your search results are shown in a beautiful Book that you can flip, customize, and enrich it with your own clippings.

There is no limit to the size or customization of each Book. We worked hard to mix elegance and precision. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised the same way that tens of thousands of users already do every day.

ClippingBook took Internet Search and made it Amazing

Internet users’ behavior is in constant evolution, it has been aided by faster CPUs and ever so faster download speeds.

Tablets and Smartphones are a basic staple for consumers around the Globe and Cloud Storage is slowly but certainly becoming a commodity.

Every start-up makes a pledge to: capture a portion of the market, be disruptive, be unique or just simply become the new success story. But few start-ups have committed themselves to take what is not broken and make it better, transform a commodity and make it beautiful, redefine the Market’s needs by simply giving Consumers what they need and were not expecting.

This is ClippingBook. Our target market is every internet user in the world.

In a world of Clones we believe in making something different, we established the new standard in Searching and Storing by allowing our registered users create exceptional books out of their favorite searches and store them safely in our servers for future reference and retrieval.

ClippingBook makes easy to share your search results with your social circle, by the click of an icon you can post your book in the most popular social networks for your friends, loved ones or colleagues to see.

How do we make money?

Our business model is based on Ad Revenues and Strategic Alliances with e-commerce stores so our Customers are able to receive the service free of charge.

To be able to store Books, a casual user can register for free and instantly become a member of our community. The next step is intuitive and flawless in its execution.

ClippingBook, and search will never be the same…

It is time to grow

On March 2015 we have completed a very important acquisition of an already very successful Marketing Brand Value Company based in the EU, we have a standing Letter of Intent signed with another European Company that is a leader in Mobile Technology.

To complete what will become a well rounded, vertically integrated GROUP of COMPANIES, we have agreed to purchase two other US companies; we expect this acquisitions to be completed during the 2Q15.

In ClippingBook we believe that growth by acquisition will place our Company in a better competitive advantage and we are aggressively pursuing our commitment to make it happen. We are ready to acquire the best fitting companies and place them under the ClippingBook banner.

We have already raised $3,200,000 through 90 private investors in the many stages of our road to success. We have already built our engine and tested worldwide markets with very encouraging results. Now it is time to make i grow.

Please make sure to see our presentation in this site and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Cesar Rebagliati, our Head of Crowd Funding at [email protected]




ClippingBook.com has achieved the goal of 500,000 Book views. The new version 3.0 is announced

JULY, 2014

ClippingBook 3.0 goes live! Great reception from our users. We are now officially the VISUAL SEARCH ENGINE.


Our Business Metrics show exponential improvement. Books can now be shared with friends and family through Social Networks


Clippingbook has closed the deal for the acquisition of a 100% ownership in TeamPLV.com a Marketing Brand Value Company based in the EU.


ClippingBook has two standing Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) for the acquisition of two companies to join our GROUP of Companies

MARCH, 2015


Jorge Mata

Jorge Mata

Chairman & CEO Clippingbook.com

Jorge Mata founded MyAlert in 1999, a company focused on designing and implementing wireless alert services to mass market. In 2001 MyAlert merged with Buongiorno, an Italian public company. Jorge is also founder and Chairman of Berggi Inc, and Zipclip Inc, focused in developing the mobile 2.0 for the mass market. Jorge’s last start up is www.clippingbook.com, an internet social curation platform based in New York. Jorge has been Board member in public and private companies in Silicon Valley, Finland and Spain and is an active investor in more than 15 start ups. Prior to his entrepreneurial activities, Jorge worked at AT&T& Bell Laboratories, McKinsey & Co., Banco Santander and Broadvision. Jorge has been appointed twice technology pioneer by the Davos World Economic Forum in 2001 and 2002. Jorge Mata holds an MS in Physics from Universidad Autonoma (Madrid), and an MBA from New York University.
Cesar Rebagliati

Cesar Rebagliati

Head of Crowdfunding

A successful career in Finance and Mass Marketing of Financial and Consumer products and a hands-on experience in Regional Business Development , I oversaw the opening of new ventures throughout Latin America, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America. Former President for Citicorp business units in Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico plus Regional Managing Director for Latin America and the Caribbean for the Insurance Division of Citibank Consumer Bank. Long established relationship with key developers of Stored Value Cards Platforms and Distribution Networks. A specialist in International Trade Finance, Banking, Structured Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions and Political and Cross Border Risk assessment.
Alberto Ortega
Alberto is ClippingBook’s CFO, and a prominent figure in Corporate Finance. He is a Lawyer and obtained a Masters in Financial Markets with honors in 2001.
Carlos Granados
20+ experience focused in technology, e-commerce, video games and mobile Apps. Earner of several prizes in his field, Carlos continues to excel in new projects.




Contact Information:

Carlos Granados
Alberto Ortega
Cesar Rebagliati
Jorge Mata

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