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Archived: Sideclick – Streamline Your Streaming Experience: Snap Sideclick onto your streaming remote and control your TV, sound, and streaming device with one hand

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Sideclick: Streamline Your Streaming Experience

by True Bloom LLC

Snap Sideclick onto your streaming remote and control your TV, sound, and streaming device with one hand. Ditch the other remotes.

About this project

You no longer have to stream TV with a remote in each hand.

Why Sideclick?

There is one big problem that streaming devices share.  None of their remotes have the ability to power on and off your TV or control volume.  A 2nd or sometimes 3rd remote is always needed.

Sideclick is a universal remote attachment that snaps onto your streaming remote, allowing you to control the basic functions of your TV: Power, Volume Up and Down, Channel Up and Down, and Source/Input.

Sideclick eliminates the need to always be looking for “that other remote” and allows you to control your TV and your streaming device with 1 cohesive unit.


There are 4 models which complement the aesthetics and ergonomic feel of the top selling streaming devices and their remotes.


 Amazon Fire TV

 Amazon Fire TV Stick

Apple TV

How Sideclick works

Sideclick uses infrared learning technology to program each button. Any device using IR technology can be programmed as a button on Sideclick . So say you want to use the POWER button to power on and off your TV but you want to program Sideclick’s volume controls to work your sound bar, you can easily do so.

If you don’t need the channel +/- option, you could program the + to be your MENU option and – to MUTE. We give you 6 buttons, program them however you want.

To program, hold the P (Program) and Power buttons simultaneously on your Sideclick until the status LED turns on, indicating it is in programming mode. Then press the button you want to program (ex. power button). Next, point Sideclick at the remote you want it to learn from and hit the power button on the other remote. It’s that easy.

Each Sideclick model takes 2 AAA batteries.

A streaming accessory for everyone

Having Sideclick attached to your streaming remote makes navigating the TV easy for anyone. Especially kids, grandparents, and guests. Parents will love that Sideclick makes accessing TV faster and easier for kids.

Why Now?

People are streaming TV in record numbers.  These streaming devices are the present and future of TV consumption, and just like every smart phone needs a case, every streaming remote needs a Sideclick .


The Super Early Bird Special Promo Band (to hold you over until your Sideclick arrives.

Limited Edition Chrome Sideclick


In the Press

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About the Inventor:

Sideclick was invented and designed by mechanical engineer, Brett Epstein.  Brett has always had a passion for product design and has over 10 years of engineering design experience ranging from consumer products to jet engines.  Brett’s family recently cut the cord, eliminated their cable provider, and purchased a Roku. While Brett loved the device and the sleekness of the remote, he hated the fact that in order to sit down and watch TV, he needed 2 remotes in his hand:  one to control the Roku and one to control the volume.  After some research, he realized that this basic functionality was lacking in all streaming TV devices and he knew that if he could design something for each of the top selling streaming devices, it would become a must-have accessory for streamers.

The first Sideclick prototype

 Work in progress

Also on the Sideclick team is Brett’s wife Jenn, handling everything from customer service, social media, and marketing.

Daughters, Brenna and Lily, serve as quality control testers.


Q:  Will Sideclick work with my streaming device?

A:  Sideclick works with Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku Streaming Stick, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Apple TV.  It does not currently work with Roku R1 devices.

Q:  What type of batteries does it take?

A:  Each Sideclick takes 2 AAA batteries that will be included with the product.

Q:  It’s awesome how Sideclick matches the sleekness if the Roku and Amazon Fire TV/TV Stick remotes so well.  Why is the design different for Apple TV?

A:  We want to create accessories that compliment the existing hardware as we recognize that each streaming remote has its own cool design.  Sideclick for Apple TV remotes have to be bigger than its super slim (less than 1/4 inch) remote in order to accommodate AAA batteries. We see its size as a huge benefit for Apple TV users since a common complaint is that the remote is so small that it is easily lost.  We even saw a pic online from a guy who built a lego case around it because he kept losing it and having to buy a replacement.  Once Sideclick is attached to Apple TV, the entire unit is still less than 3/4 inch thick.

Risks and challenges

We have working prototypes that are the right shape, feel, and fit, however additional detailed design work needs to be done to make each design more suitable for high volume plastic injection-molding. We are aligning ourselves with the best resources and Brett’s 10+ years in mechanical engineering have him extremely well equipped for manufacturing sourcing and trouble-shooting. The good news is that this product does not involve any ground breaking technology that you will be waiting around for us to perfect. The simultaneous launch of 4 different models means a lot of part management but we are ready for the task.

We take our schedule commitments very seriously and we have attempted to plan for any contingency, but sometimes problems are unforseen and out of our control causing delays. We promise you that we will provide excellent communication in the form of updates. Jenn will be blogging all along the way so you will never be out of the loop.

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