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Archived: PhotoVerified™ – The Safety Net for the Internet: Stop FAKE profiles with a tool that lets you know if the people you’re dealing with online are real

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PhotoVerified™ – The Safety Net for the Internet

by John Maitland

Stop FAKE profiles with a tool that lets you know if the people you’re dealing with online are real.

About this project

 Welcome to the Safety Net for the Internet™.

At PhotoVerified.com, we don’t want to wait for the next tragedy involving the malicious use of fake profiles online.  We’re doing something about it NOW, and we need YOUR help!

PhotoVerified.com creates authenticated photos of the owners of online accounts.  By comparing a PhotoVerified™ image to the other images on a persons online profile, you can quickly and easily determine if the person you are looking at is real.

It is estimated that there are over 100 Million fake profiles on social networking sites today.  Frauds, lonely heart scams and other crimes associated to these fake profiles cost innocent victims millions of dollars around the world every year.

Worse yet, predators posing as teens online use fake profiles to exploit young people every day on the web, often times resulting in severe depression and unfortunately even more tragic consequences to their victims.

It is time that the Internet as a community said “Enough is enough!”

With PhotoVerified.com, you won’t be fooled by someone posting stolen images.

VP Adeel Ahmad's PhotoVerified™ Picture.VP Adeel Ahmad’s PhotoVerified™ Picture.

PhotoVerified™ Protects You on Social Networks

Young people are particularly vulnerable on social networks from predators and cyberbullies using fake profiles.  When stolen pictures that are targeted at young people are used, they can be particularly alluring.

Watch this video to see how PhotoVerified™ works in a Social Network setting to protect you and the ones you love.  Can you spot the fake?

Online Dating is a Match for PhotoVerified™

The use of fake profiles for all kinds of scams are rampant in online dating.  Whether the pictures are just not representative of a member, or are stolen to lure hopeful romantics into lonely heart scams, PhotoVerified.com lets you know who you’re really interacting with.

“But How Does It Work?”

PhotoVerified.com uses a patent pending interactive process that ensures that the person in the PhotoVerified™ picture is the owner of the account.  By interacting directly with our application and being asked to complete unique steps for each verification, we make sure that the person in front of the camera is an informed participant in the process.

With the photo taken by our application going directly from the camera to our system, there is no image saved locally to be manipulated or altered.  The person that the camera sees during the process, is the same person you see.

Once created, the PhotoVerified™ image stays safe on our server, where those who want to confirm its authenticity can view the original image right on the PhotoVerified.com website or app.  With a partner website, you simply click on the logo notifying you the person is PhotoVerified™ and this secure image appears in a pop-up straight from our server.

Watch the video below for an explanation of how you get PhotoVerified™.

Education is Key

PhotoVerified.com is about making everyone’s experience on the Internet a safe and enjoyable one.  That’s why safer online education is a big part of what we are doing.  We’re building a great tool to help with one of the biggest problems on the Internet, but there is a lot more out there that you need to be aware of.

We’re helping by putting together a comprehensive educational package that can help parents be more aware of the things they need to be on the lookout for, and how to best protect their children on the web.

For adults, we share some of the most common scams and things to watch out for to avoid becoming a victim.  We aren’t all tech-savvy and it helps to have someone explain in easy to understand terms what to look out for, and what to do when you spot a problem.

Protecting yourself on the Internet is important and PhotoVerified.com will be a big part of being safer online, but we have more to share and with our Team’s tremendous combined experience we know you’ll feel more confident and safe on the web.

We Have More in Store…

When we first conceived of the idea for PhotoVerified.com, we had no idea that technology would be where it is today.  That’s why we are now able to build so much more into our app than just the ability to verify your visual identity.

Once you are PhotoVerified™, with our application on a mobile device you will also be able to take PhotoVerifiedPics™.  Our application will act just like the regular camera on your device, with the added benefit of being able to prove the authenticity of the picture you took.

This tool will give you the chance to share photos in a way that is currently impossible.  You will be able to confirm to others that the photo they are looking at was really taken by you, on your device – not a picture that was grabbed from somewhere else on the Internet.

The Ask: What We Will Do With the Money

The task of changing the Internet in the way we plan is significant and we know that we are asking for some significant backing.  We are confident that when we reach our goal we will be able to bring this important tool to the public.

We will use this money to pay our developers to complete our mobile application which will augment the backend system that we have already developed.  Technology has changed and so we want to incorporate the latest technologies into our system, integrating the mobile device and app market that has surpassed the desktop market in number of users.

Founder & CEO testing the early version Beta of the PhotoVerified.com application.
Founder & CEO testing the early version Beta of the PhotoVerified.com application.

The money will also be used to cover the costs of deploying and operating the site until we gain the traction required to operate the site through corporate partnerships and other revenue channels.  The basic service of being able to get PhotoVerified™ and confirm the status of others will remain free to the users of social network sites.

Meet The PhotoVerified™ Team:

A final message about why we are here and what else PhotoVerified.com can do for YOU.


Please take a look at your rewards:

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Risks and challenges

The challenges we face are the same as any other startup who comes to Kickstarter. We may face unexpected costs that have not been anticipated, problems with development timelines or unforeseeable technological issues that delay the release of our product.

We have been working on PhotoVerified.com since 2010 however and are thoroughly familiar with the environment we are working in and have put together a team that is capable of handling any problem head on.

We are confident that upon reaching our goal, that we will be able to bring PhotoVerified.com to market and make it available to the general public in 2-6 months from project fund date.

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