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Apr 7, 2015 10:53 AM ET

lynk – Protect your mobile digital identity: Protect and secure your smartphone or tablet

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 7, 2015

lynk: Protect your mobile digital identity.


Protect and secure your smartphone or tablet. lynk is your mobile digital identity.

SIZE:   2.24 x 1.73” x .39”  (WxDxH)MATERIAL: high strength plastic

CPU: ARM Cortex-M

ALERTS: White LED, Red LED, Vibrator, Buzzer, and Accelerometer

POWER: single CR2032 coin size battery

Shipping, Packaging & Costs

1. What will be included in the box?

lynk device and instructions.

2. Do I manually add the cost of shipping?

Yes, you have to add shipping in addition to your selected perk. When you pledge, manually add an additional $10 to the price of the perk you want. We will do the matching at the end of the campaign.

3. What do I do if I forget to pay for shipping?

No problem. Click on the “contribute now” button at the top of the page and manually enter $10. It will be added to your pledge amount. Enter the same personal information you did on your initial order. We will do the matching ourselves at the end of the campaign.

4. When are you going to be shipping my lynk device?

With your campaign contribution to lynk, you are funding our software development and manufacturing. uConekt Inc. – the owner of lynk is expecting to ship the first production lot by end of July 2015.

5. When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged shortly after we reach our crowdfunding campaign goal.

Technical Specs

1. In which countries will lynk function?

lynk is approved and certified for: United States (FC), Canada (IC), Europe (CE), Japan (Japanese Radio Certification).

2. How secure is the lynk back-up database?

uConekt’s servers are designed to encrypt and securely backup your data using your unique key in your lynk device. Your data cannot be accessed by any other lynk device or without your credentials.

3. What mobile smartphones platforms does lynk work with?

Works with Android 4.4.2 Jelly Bean and Kit Kat. Samsung: Galaxy Note II, S4, Note 3, Note 3 Neo, S5, K zoom; Sony: Xperia T3.

4. Will you make an app for iPhone smartphones?

Yes, we will make separate lynk apps for Android™, Apple®, Blackberry® and Windows® smartphones.

5. How will lynk be supported?

uConekt will offer technical support through our website at [email protected]

Product Features & options

1.  What type of battery do I need for lynk?

  lynk operates with an inexpensive and small coin size battery – CR2032.

2.  Will I be notified if my battery is running low?

The lynk app on the phone has a battery monitor and will you alert you when it is low.

3.  Is lynk waterproof?

No, but it is splash proof and moisture proof.

4.  What is the range of the Bluetooth connection?

Bluetooth range is typically around 100 feet and it can reach up to 200 feet when it is in line of sight.

5.  Does lynk offer privacy settings?

Yes, your personal and private data secured with lynk patent-pending authentication login process will ensure that your data is encrypted and secured.

6.  What will uConekt do with my data?

Once your data is secured with lynk, your data will be safely stored using your lynk unique key. uConekt will only store your data. Your data cannot be opened or accessed by uConekt or any other third party without your lynk device and authentication login.

7.  Can lynk be used with another smartphone?

Not at this time. We are investigating.

8.  What materials is lynk made of?

lynk has a durable high quality plastic enclosure and we use high quality plastic for other components.

9.  How do I report my smartphone or tablet lost or stolen?

The user will login to uConekt’s servers – – using the login/register button to report that they no longer have their smart mobile device.

10.  How do I report my lynk lost or stolen?

The user will login to uConekt’s servers – – to report that they no longer have their lynk device.

11.  How does lynk communicate with uConekt servers?

lynk securely communicates with your smart device via NFC and Bluetooth and your smart mobile device will communicate with the uConekt servers.

12.  How is my information secured?

uConekt secures the database where your information is stored with 128bit AES encryption and a unique patent-pending authorization and encryption process.

13.  Why would I want to relinquish physical security of my private and personal data?

If someone wants to steal your personal and private, they will steal your smart mobile device that is with you.  With uConekt and lynk, only uConekt servers via lynk and your smart mobile device know the physical location of your data.  Your relationship with us is never published or revealed. Remember, we have created some really ingenious ways to make access to your personal and private data personalized only to you and your lynk device.

14.  What happens if I forget how to access uConekt servers?

We have a simple verification process that you initiate and then confirm independently on .  After getting your access reset, your will then be asked to secure your access with your personal access information.

For additional product questions and concerns, contact us directly.

Vincent Ramoutar
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