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Apr 7, 2015 12:04 PM ET

It’s My Play – LinkedIn of the Sports World: Social media platform creates customized websites for sports organizations, teams, coaches and athletes

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 7, 2015

LinkedIn of the Sports World

It’s My Play is a social media platform that creates customized websites for sports organizations, teams, coaches and athletes, and provides a space to reconnect the sports industry to each other and its fans. With It’s My Play, teams can promote their athletes. Scouts can discover their new prodigy. Fans can follow their biggest idol. And athletes can finally be found and achieve their dreams.

To understand the impact of It’s My Play, consider the story of Andrew Dikas, a young basketball player from the U.S. with a big dream. Coming from a small school, Dikas struggled with climbing his way to the top due to the lack of exposure and connections — until he discovered It’s My Play. Upon the registration of his profile, Dikas was immediately contacted by scouts and coaches from all over the world. Now, you can find Dikas playing for a Division 1 professional European team. This is the Story of Andrew Dikas (video):

As the global LinkedIn for the sports industry, It’s My Play rekindles the connection in the world of sports.

It’s My Play (IMP) generates customized, quality websites for sports organizations and athletes within just a few hours, offering a range of benefits through our affordable web platform service:

IMP provides your website with an audience of millions. As of now, our websites and profiles have generated almost 2.5 million views throughout 115 countries.

Our database bridges the gap between athletes and recruiters everywhere. Athletes’ IMP websites showcase their talents and achievements—famous or not—providing coaches, recruiters, scouts and managers an in-depth, legitimate and centralized tool for discovering new talents.

Provides coaches and parents with convenient one-click technologythat automatically updated profiles, stats, calendars and news across numerous chanells via a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Provides the advertisers with unparalleled analytical data across the sports industry. Provides marketers with youth sports data that is not consolidated today.

There are 4.7 billion sport fans worldwide, and thanks to IMP, they all have a place to gather and connect over their passions, specific or broad.

With IMP, members experience unlimited exposure to a global network of billions. We assure that you don’t forget your dream.

The numerous social media platforms, and hence lack of centralized platforms, have triggered major fragmentation within the sports industry.

  • Ineffective advertising. An array of social media platforms means scattered information of athletes, making it more difficult to advertise each athlete for discovery.
  • Disconnected Information. Teams, athletes, coaches and parents are attempting to manage profiles across numerous channels; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, team websites, self- owned websites, and non-social recruiting sites resulting in a dilution of their brand.
  • Endless scouting. When searching for their next star, scouts bounce from one social media site to the next, unsuccessfully and inefficiently attempting to piece together scattered information on each athlete while many talents remain unseen and unheard.

The lack of a centralized platform in the sports industry is creating a large gap within it. It’s My Play strives to connect people with more than opportunities — we strive to connect people to each other.

It’s My Play was created to help athletes like Andrew achieve their dreams while facilitating the hunt for recruiters and scouts — and we’ve witnessed a great amount of success ourselves.

The It’s My Play website pre-launched in late May of 2014

With over 65 created websites from our platform, since official release 3 months ago, It’s My Play already has an audience of over 50,000 unique visitors.

Major athletes, such as Andrew Wiggins (NBA) and David Amerson (NFL), have been looking to It’s My Play to enhance their fan reach and relations.

It’s My Play has been used to develop website for successful sports teams, including Huntington Prep Basketball, Grassroots Canada, Mount Zion Christian Academy, NYBL and others.

NTBA, NYBL, Lineage of Champions, Alexis Levi Sports Entreprise, Five Star Basketball, Fulton Media Sports, NC AAU and NASCAR are just a few of companies that have turned to IMP for affiliation purposes.

The press is loving It’s My Play:

Momir Gajic, Founder & CEO, has extensive experience in the sports industry as an athlete, scout and coach. Throughout his years networking and connecting in the business, Momir discovered extreme fragmentation within it, and thus envisioned It’s My Play. He is the visionary and project manager of It’s My Play, managing the company’s fulfillment of its mission.

Denise A. Vlamis, CFO, has had extensive experience in liability management, finances, software design and engineering, marketing and startups for over 30 years. Her wide array of professional experience and skills have contributed greatly to It’s My Play, as she oversees all financial operations of the company.

Jerald R. Cureton, COO, has over 30 years of experience in commercial transactions, business litigation, labor and employment law. A longtime entrepreneur, Jerald oversees It’s My Play’s daily operations.

Goran Gligoric, CTO, has eight years’ experience with software programming and database development. Extremely tech-savvy, Goran has built hundreds of applications for a variety of companies, including It’s My Play. He is responsible for the front-end development of It’s My Play.

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