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Apr 7, 2015 3:41 PM ET

Investor Compass: The ”tripadvisor” for investors

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 7, 2015

Investor Compass

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The ”tripadvisor” for investors

Investor Compass is an internet-based social investment community, where members rate investments they’ve made and brokers they’ve used

The business idea

Investor Compass is an internet-based social investment community for private investors that aims to maximize profit and minimize risk for alternative investments.

Users rate investments they have made and the brokers they have used, giving guidance where to – and where not to – invest.


We would appreciate your help to realize this business idea!

Find high yield properties
Find high yield properties

The problem

  • Traditional investment products such as stocks and funds have high transparency with highly-accessible information
  • There is a wide range of alternative investment products on the market such as timber, parking spaces, ocean containers, property and peer-to-peer lending but it is difficult to know which broker to trust and what investment products actually delivery high performance. There is very little of this type of information available on the market. The information that does exist is mainly marketing material which is, of course, biased


  • That timber investments offer a high and stable return on investment with often lower risk than stocks?

Do you know where to buy this kind of investment if you would be interested? Investor Compass would help you to find the right broker or right product

  • That I have used a broker who sold alternative investments to me for which investment issuers are now in liquidation?

Would you as an investor be interested to know the name of this broker to avoid investing with them? Investor Compass would tell you this information

  • That the investment broker Property Frontiers sells an alternative investment with expected returns of 239% in 5 years?

Would you be interested in knowing from peers if this really works or if it is all talk…? Investor Compass would contain statistical information about this investment based on input from other users

Timber - a stable return on investment
Timber – a stable return on investment

The solution

  • Members register investments & brokers and then rate & comment on them
  • An on-line feed on the entry page lists latest investment registrations or rated investments & brokers
  • A statistical tool helps members to search for investment opportunities based on parameters such as: “highest rated investment broker, highest ROI of an investment, investments made in a particular country or region, investment type
  • Regular member newsletters containing a summary of latest registered investments

Using statistical data from member input, Investor Compass would provide services for the following types of situations (among others):

  • If an investor would like to find the structured product with the highest ROI and the best broker for this type of investment
  • If an investor would like to buy an overseas property but doesn’t know trustworthy brokers selling in the area of interest
  • If a potential investor would like to get in contact with an investor who already has invested with a particular broker

Who would use Investor Compass


  • The retail sector – private investors who currently make alternative investmentsFrom amateur to advanced investors
  • Everyday people who currently invest or save hard-earned money in traditional investments such as stocks and funds, and are curious about diversifying their portfolio
  • People who currently do not invest their money at all – and need some guidance regarding how and where to start

Types of investments that would be registered

The alternative investment market is complex and consists of many different investment instruments such as social investing, forestry investments, property investments, forex, financial structured products and much more. Below are some descriptions of the less commonly known alternative investments:


The peer-to-peer online lending market has tripled in size in just three years and is predicted to be worth £1 bn by 2016! Knowing how much others make and what they think of Peer-to-peer online lending platforms can make a huge impact on the ROI for all people who chip in money.

Understanding how much money people make through crowdfunding will attract even more people to successful crowdfunding platforms. The global Crowdfunding market has raised some $2.7 billion in 2012 and is predicted to reach between $90 billion and $96 billion by year 2025!


Private investors are becoming more interested in investments that help to preserve the world. There are many product offerings supporting this new mindset, and a lot of the players are in the forestry investment sector.


Forex is the world’s largest financial market and the emergence of retail investors is increasing as an important market segment. There are many forex robots available and their marketing material often promises unseen returns. It would be interesting to have users of the trading robots register and rate their experience on Investor Compass. This is also true for mirror trading and managed accounts.


A structured product is a pre-packaged investment strategy based on derivatives, such as a single security, a basket of securities, options or commodities. Structured products are passive in nature (unlike typical hedge funds), focusing on providing returns for different risk profiles of clients.

Structured products are one of the fastest growing areas in the financial services industry and are rapidly moving into the mainstream market. In Europe there are more than 115 third-party distributors of retail structured products, selling for more than of €135 billion. How do you know which to choose?


90% of world trade is transported by container and this industry has grown by 300% in the past 20 years. Investing in a container can, with the right investment company, provide high returns paid monthly or quarterly.

Ocean containers - a lucrative investment?
Ocean containers – a lucrative investment?

How funds will be used

The Investor Compass team is investing both time and money in this idea but need additional external financing. We would appreciate a donation from everyone who believes in this idea. External costs that need to be covered are:

  • Homepage development
  • Marketing
  • App development (IOS and Android)
  • Continuous improvement development of homepage/app

The minimum requested amount from this crowdfunding will cover the initial start-up costs.

The total requested amount will let us develop an end-product more quickly with all features we believe necessary for a complete web-product. We would also use a portion of the funds for marketing activities.

If the total amount is exceeded we would be absolutely thrilled to use the funds to maximize user experience and accelerate development of the product.

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Christian Wiberg

Private investor with experience from both regular and alternative investments.

Contact Information:

Christian Wiberg

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