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Apr 7, 2015 7:42 AM ET

Archived: Business Start Up Support – To support individuals considering starting up a business

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 7, 2015

Business Start Up Support

Business Start Up Support

Project aim

To support individuals considering starting up a business, supporting in various aspects including legal, accounting and marketing

About the project

With the changes to government funding it has become aparant that there is little face to face support in supporting new businesses or individuals considering starting a business.

Through utilisation of previous government funding PJT has supported a number of individuals considering starting a business in both deciding

  • Is it right?
  • How do I start?

The project also looks to support in:

  • Deciding whether to be Sole Trader, Ltd or Partnership
  • The legal aspects of running a business
  • Marketing and especially media marketing
  • Accoutning and budgeting
  • Creation of a Business Plan and Forecasts


With this fund I shall also be able to offer a Mentoring service to support individuals in becoming succesful business men/women

The funding will go towards:

£30k per annum Wage

£5K per annum travel expenses

£10k per annum room hire across the county

£5k administration costs


Undertaking this will allow me to support up to 120 new busineses per annum with a potential income to the local and regional area of 4.8m turnover which could give tax revenues of up to 1m.

I have a number of testimonials of businesses I have already supported.  These are available on both PJT Website and also PJT Facebook Page

Contact Information:

Philip Toon

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