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Archived: Bon-Bon Crepes of America LLC: operates and franchises a proprietary system of crepe kiosks in USA, Canada & Mexico

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Bon-Bon Crepes of America LLC

Aventura, FL 33280, US
Consumer Products

Le’ Bon-Bon operates and franchises a proprietary system of crepe kiosks in USA, Canada & Mexico.

Estimated initial investments for each Franchise Location range from $81,700 to $114,950, depending on factors particular to each location. Ongoing fees, paid weekly and monthly, include six percent (6%) royalty rate and three percent (3%) advertising fee.

We seek a financial commitment of $75,000, in return, we are ready to offer equity in Bon-Bon Crepes of America LLC net profits.


Products / Services

customized Crepes

Our base price of $1.99 per crepe yields a food margin of eighty-seven percent (87%). The client is presented with different options for toppings and a branded line of syrups for additional cost. Toppings are divided into different price categories, averaging two (2) toppings per crepe, for an estimated toppings cost per client of $1.58. Base-price + toppings, equals an average crepe price of $3.77.
We complement crepe sales with hot and cold beverages, and with point of sale ready-to-eat options, additional syrups, dipping sauces, yielding an average ticket price of $4.89.

Franchise Sales

We plan to operate and administer a system of Franchise Locations. Each location pays an initial fee and ongoing fees to the us (the Franchisor).

As Franchisor, we plan to use the funds collected to begin a sales campaign to attract new franchisees.

Managing Director Executive Officer
Carlos Daniel

Carlos Daniel Law school graduate, IT Project Manager with 6+ years of experience in Agile project management for Enterprise Software Solutions. Served as project manager for a food & beverage multi-national conglomerate before joining Bon-Bon.

Contact Information:

Carmen Rosado

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