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Apr 7, 2015 7:27 AM ET

Archived: Apple Watch & iPhone Docking Station – Elegantly designed iPhone & Apple Watch Power Dock with Smart LED Lamp and Portable Battery

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 7, 2015

Apple Watch & iPhone Docking Station

Elegantly designed iPhone & Apple Watch Power Dock with Smart LED Lamp and Portable Battery.

 Beautifully designed power docking station provides a solid foundation for your iPhone and Apple Watch featuring a multifunctional Smart LED Lamp.

Solid Anodized Aluminium body and a strong Polycarbonate housing. Finished in a soft-touch rubber coat.

Our touch sensitive control allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED light as well as offering automatic 1 Hour Sleep Mode.

Three integrated USB charging ports for the iPhoneApple Watch and additional port at the back to charge any other USB Devices such as your iPad or Kindle.

Fully adjustable, charge your iPhone without the hassle of removing your protected case or Mophie Juice Pack battery case.

Unobstructed Audio Jack, Speaker and Microphone, perfect for FACETIME or SKYPE calls. Play MUSIC right from the NuDock™.

Simple and quick installation, while the non-slip rubber base keeps your devices firmly in place. Integrated cable management system keeping cables neatly hidden for a clutter-free space with instant charging.

Compact, portable keychain backup battery solution with an integrated Apple® MFI Lightning Cable and convenient detachable keyring means you’re always ready for instant power on-the-go.

Latest CSR Bluetooth Smart Chipset allowing low energy connectivity for locating your Keys or iPhone just in case you have misplaced them on the go with a 100FT proximity range.


Take pictures wirelessly! NO iOS APP is required for this.

Instantly disconnect NuKi™ from your keychain to charge your iPhone or re-charge.

NuKi™ Portable Battery instantly charges in the NuDock™ Power Station Lamp, as well as in the included magnetic Portable Dock, effortless power.

Simply connect the dock to a computer or a USB wall charger


Emergency charging on the go! Includes discreet micro USB port.


Enables pass through charging so power is sent to your device first, then NuKi™ Portable Battery recharges.

Beautifully designed Aluminium Apple Watch Charging Stand, simply insert the charging cable in the secure docking port for instant charging in style!

The base has a  EVA Microscopic Suction Pad that will work multiple times and is washable providing a strong hold allowing you complete stability when charging.


What to expect from us?
As professionals in design and product development with a wealth of experience in these types of product categories you can expect us to deliver a premium product in a timely manner.
For further information about who we are please do visit www.sharkdesign.com Please feel free to contact us for any support, we’d love to hear from you! hello@sharkdesign.com

Thank you for your support!



Can I undock my iPhone from the NuDock with one hand? Yes.

Do I have to remove my iPhone protected case to use NuDock? No, it is compatible to Protected Cases.

Can i use NuDock if I have the Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus case installed on my device? Yes the NuDock is fully compatible to the official Apple cases.

Do I have to remove my Mophie Juice Pack battery case to use NuDock? No, it is compatible to the Mophie Juice Pack iPhone Battery Cases for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 models. 

Is NuDock compatible to the Otterbox Defender Case? Yes the NuDock is compatible to the Otterbox Defender Case.

Can i use my iPad Mini with the NuDock? Yes you can use your iPad Mini to charge with nearly any case.

Can i use my iPod Touch with the NuDock? Yes you can use your iPod Touch with nearly any case.

Does the NuDock block my iPhone Microphone or Speakers? No, sound will not be blocked or distorted. Having the iPhone, iPad or iPod elevated on the NuDock means your audio will perform just like Apple intended them too.

Does NuDock block access to the headphone jack on my iPhone? No, the iPhone is elevated so there is access to the headphone jack.

Can I use different brand cables than Apple? No, NuDock is designed to work with the original Apple Lightning Cable and Apple Watch Charging Cable that was included in the box. Our Adjustable Clips fit perfectly with them.

Can i use NuDock with my iPhone 4/4S? No it is designed to work exclusively with Apple’s Lightning Cable, which means it is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod Touch (5th generation) and iPad Mini only. 

Why did you use 2,000 mAh for the NuKi Portable Battery? We do not believe emergency power solutions lower than this specification is convenient. The iPhone 6 Plus has a larger battery and we believe up to 50% extra battery is necessary to keep you going until late evening time.

Where do you make the products? They are assembled in China.

When are the perks expected to ship? We will fulfill perks in the order they are received. We are aiming to start fulfilment mid June 2015 and it is our goal to ship to all our backers by July 2015. We will keep our backers informed of our expected delivery timeframes as we get more information during production.

What is the Warranty? We provide a one (1) year limited warranty. We guarantee you receive your MiTagg Product free of manufacturing defects. We will have 100% AQL inspection levels.

Can I change or cancel my perk? Indiegogo policy dictates that campaign owners have no ability to adjust perk selections. That means we cannot upgrade your perk, we cannot change your perk and we cannot cancel your perk. Please note that contributions made on indiegogo are also non-refundable. 

Where do I pay for shipping? Shipping costs are added in the additional donation field when you back the campaign as well as in the perks (Shipping Add-On) if you missed it.

How is shipping handled? We will be shipping via the United States Postal Service First Class mail with delivery tracking confirmation. International shipments will be sent via International First Class.

How much is shipping and handling? Shipping and handling, which includes shipping the items to our offices, packing and fulfilling orders will cost:
FREE in the Domestic United States (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska)
$5 to Canada
$25 for International Order


Help us innovate and create future ideas, become an influencer and get rewarded.


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Jonathan Chaupin
Shark Design
Chris Olenik

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