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Apr 6, 2015 8:11 AM ET

Archived: Scout – A New Breed of Home Security: A new take on home security – one that makes sense for the lives, and lifestyles, that we live today

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 6, 2015

Scout is a self-installed, wireless home security system that connects with smart devices and does away with the clunky, dated mess of traditional security.

You have an app for just about everything: it’s time home security joined the smart home revolution.

Get Scout and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that you, your home and the things and people that matter most are both protected and connected!

Home security is not a new an idea, but it’s an idea that’s desperately in need of an upgrade for the 21st century.

Home security systems on the market today are dated and expensive, built aroundcostly and complicated technology that fails to blend in with our modern, on-the-go lifestyle. 

For about 83% of the country, the solution up until now has been clear: go without home security altogether. But at Scout, we don’t think that’s fair: why should you and your home pay the price because security companies on the market today are too slow and unwieldy to develop their systems in a way that makes sense for the modern consumer?

Scout is a new take on home security: one that makes sense for the lives—and lifestyles—that we live today. 

Scout Personalizes Home Security

Scout makes the complete home security experience completely customizable, from the color scheme to the action Scout takes when a sensor is triggered.

With Scout, you’re in control of your security system from start to finish, because no one knows what you want more than you do.

Scout doesn’t have messy wiring or complex installation, so you can set up Scout all by yourself with either screws or adhesive. We’re renter-friendly and can travel with you when you move!

We provide a simple and flexible solution to your smart home needs. With Scout, it’s not just about the technology: it’s about your experience. We want to help youlive a smarter, simpler life when it comes to your family’s security.

Scout’s system is comprised of a few key parts: sensors, a hub and alarm options.

Sensor Selection

With Scout, you pick out the combination of sensors that makes the most sense for your home. There are three different types of sensors. All sensors are battery-powered and the system has 3G cellular backup, to ensure that you’ll always be connected to your security system, even if the power goes out.

We have door panels that attach to your door and can be unlocked with an RFID key fob, access sensors that monitor when any windows or cabinets are opened, and a motion sensor that detects movement within 25 feet.


Helpful Hub 

The Scout Hub is the central nervous system of the Hub home security platform. It’s in charge of communicating with your personalized devices, and sending updates directly to the Scout app on your smartphone, whenever a device is activated.

Each sensor connects to the hub through a mesh network, making it easier than ever for sensors and hub to keep in touch with each other. Best of all: you’ll only need one hub for all of your devices.

Alarm Options

Each sensor is identified by name, so you can act quickly and decide whether you want to disarm the system or call the police. You can customize the action that Scout will take when alarmed for each system.

Whether you want a 106 decibel siren to immediately alarm, or you want to get a text and decide on the spot, you can choose what action you want to take for each different sensor. We even have monitoring plans with our 24/7 professional monitoring to help take some of the stress out of your busy life.

There are a lot of home security systems out there, but only Scout gives youmaximum coverage that’s perfectly personalized for your lifestyle.

We’ve already had some incredible success with Scout in our goal to revolutionize and personalize the home security system.

In February of 2013, we wrapped up a successful crowdfunding campaign wherewe pre-sold $200,000 worth of devices in just 30 days and $500,000 in devices by the end of the campaign.

Since then, we’ve finished shipping all pre-orders, obtained a design patent, and have hit the market, taking orders from both our website and Amazon.

Not only that, but we’ve had some incredible press coverage with more than 60 stories, including stories from TechCrunch, Forbes, GigaOm, and Design Milk!


We have also partnered with some really incredible companies in the connected home space.  We’ve launched a partnership with IFTTT and as part of the “Works with Nest” program. We’ve got even more exciting partnerships to come early in 2015.


Building on this great start, Scout is set to revolutionize the security industry.  Soon, Scout’s system will include a 1080p HD camera, a moisture sensor, a smoke and CO detector, and a glass break sensor. We want to be the smarter go-to experience for home security, and we’d love for you to be a part of that.

Dan Roberts – CEO
With a MDes from the IIT Institute of Design and previous experience at MAYA Design and Sandbox Industries, Dan is the head of design and business at Scout. After moving to downtown Chicago with his family, Dan wanted new home security system, but no systems fit the bill. He and Dave decided something needed to be done, and so Scout was born!

Dave Shapiro – CTO
Dave has previous experience working at Sandbox Industries and JP Morgan. With his BSA from Miami of Ohio, Dave is the CTO and Scout’s co-founder.

Kevin Brennan – COO
With a BS and BA from DePaul, Kevin has previous experience with Lunatik and Motorola and now oversees Scout’s operations and distribution.

Arlene Greene – VP Business Development
Arlene develops channel partnerships and works on Scout’s distribution. She was previously a co-founder of Acceller and worked as the GM of Lotus Development.

Dalia Mitra – Head of Marketing
With a MBA from Indiana University, Dalia has previous experience with AdMob, Google, and Techstars.

Peter Stedman – Lead Embedded Developer
Peter was previously a Senior Design Engineer at Philips Lighting. He got his BEng from the University of Brighton.

Ward Ramsdell – Lead Electrical Engineer
With a BSS from Rochester Institute of Technology, Ward previously worked at Avnera and Triquint.

Noah Ney – Sales and Partnerships
Noah was previously at Zaarly and Farshore. He earned his BS from Pittsburg State University.

Sara Gaines – Customers Service Lead
Sara was previously at AirBnb and got her BA from Columbia College.

Richard Ginsburg
For 9 years, Richard was the CEO of Protection1. He is currently the CEO of Central Security Group.  Richard has extensive experience in the security industry and is a thought leader in the space.  

Darius Nevin
Darius was the CFO of Protection1 for 9 years.  He is currently on the audit committee of a public company’s board and brings a depth of experience in the security industry. 

Steve McKean
Steve was the founder of Acceller, a customer acquisition organization based in Miami. He is currently a member of the Bridgevine Board.

Contact Information:

Dan Roberts
Dave Shapiro
Kevin Brennan
Arlene Greene
Dalia Mitra
Peter Stedman
Ward Ramsdel
Noah Ney
Sara Gaines

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