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Apr 6, 2015 8:54 AM ET

Archived: Intellisocket – the world’s first truly smart power outlet: Take control of your energy usage…from your phone! The simplest, smartest, easiest way to reduce your electricity bill

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 6, 2015

Intellisocket – the world’s first truly smart power outlet!

by Intellisocket

Take control of your energy usage…from your phone! The simplest, smartest, easiest way to reduce your electricity bill.

About this project

Intellisocket is a  “smart” power outlet. Traditionally power outlets have enabled you to deliver power to an appliance at the flick of a switch, and don’t get us wrong – they’ve done that pretty well, but interestingly, they haven’t evolved with the times. As our lives have become more connected, we think that it’s time there was a change…

Intellisocket is the world’s smartest power socket. Intellisocket is a device that will change the way you use electricity in your home. Intellisocket is the future of home energy monitoring and home automation. Intellisocket is the answer to rising power bills and the alternative to existing in-home electricity infrastructure.

We like to think of Intellisocket as the great enabler, putting the power back in your hands.

Intellisocket enables you to take control of your electricity bills. By putting meaningful data and real-time control of appliances in your hands, Intellisocket allows you to accurately monitor, control and report on your electricity usage. Our monitoring function will notify you via email and with push alerts as to when and how your electricity usage can be reduced.  Taking this functionality one step further, Intelliscoket develops a personalised, recommended schedule for you to implement at the tap of a button.

Intellisocket enables you to automate your home. Intellisocket is the sleekest and easiest way to automate your home. Leave the iron on? Forget to switch off that heater? No problem! Simply pull out your phone and switch them off immediately, wherever you are in the world. You can even schedule your bedside lamp to turn on and help you get up in the morning!

Intellisocket enables you to be safer around electricity. Intellisocket boosts the safety rating of your home appliances by providing safety features such as a child lock, over current protection and timers.

Intellisocket Smartphone App
Intellisocket Smartphone App

As an “all-in one” energy monitoring platform, we’ve elected not to follow the current norm of the bulky ‘plug-in’ form factor. The Intellisocket will automate your home, and keep you safer all with one sleek stylish device.

Now home automation and energy monitoring can be achieved with style. Say goodbye to ugly plug-in devices and flaky z-wave connections. No more trip hazards, eyesores and clunky software, accessorise your home with Intellisocket.

The Intellisocket Advantage ;

  • No additional gateway required (Uses your exiting Wireless LAN)
  • All in one Device – Energy monitoring, home automation, and safety device
  • Stylish, Modern, Small form factor
  • No subscriptions, Intellisocket cloud software is completely free

Intellisocket is supported by a team of developers and engineers who are passionate about saving electricity and dedicated to providing more than just a new gadget. Intellisocket is far more than just a device. It is a solution, a platform, and a set of tools to help you take back control of your energy usage and put you in control of a smarter home.

Intellisocket Cloud Dashboard
Intellisocket Cloud Dashboard

Intellisocket uses an on-board microchip and a collection of electrical components to monitor, control and record information about energy usage at each outlet in your home. This information is sent via your home’s wireless network to the Intellisocket cloud where the data is analysed and evaluated.  Following evaluation, the data is made available through simplified graphs and charts, providing an in-depth insight into the energy usage around your home. Using your smart phone or computer, you can control, schedule and monitor electricity usage all around your home from anywhere in the world.

Its so simple
Its so simple


Intellisocket Rewards Delivery Timeline

With a consumer electronics product like Intellisocket, there are a range of ways to secure funding. As we started to think through how we wanted to bring the product to market, we ultimately didn’t want to build behind closed doors. The best products are developed when the people they’re developed for are involved.  By presenting our idea in front of a wider audience, we’ve created a platform to demonstrate our vision for Intellisocket and more importantly, receive valuable feedback and suggestions to ensure the product is the best it can possibly be. For these reasons, we’ve elected to crowd-fund via Kickstarter so we can spend time engaging with the people who will help us revolutionise the future of home energy monitoring and home automation.

Over the past 12 months, Intellisocket has advanced through the stages of design, development and prototyping. We are now ready to get the design finalised and take Intellisocket to production and that’s why we need you!

Being an electrical device, there is a multitude of national and international standards that must be adhered to. Developing an electrical device that complies with stringent safety & quality standards involves extensive testing and certification. We are committed to providing our loyal backers with the safest and highest quality device possible. To make this possible, a large investment must be made to perform the necessary international testing and re-testing.

Our current functional prototypes are low volume 3D prints that have been hand soldered. To scale these efforts, we need to invest in plastic injection moulds as well as setting up QA procedures at our chosen manufacturing house.

The Intellisocket Hardware is all but finalised and we are close to launching the consumer ready Intellisocket Cloud software. To get the software to market at the same time as our hardware devices we need to ramp up our staff allocation on the software.

To summarise, the Funds we are aiming to raise on Kickstarter are for:

  • Electrical Testing and Standards certification
  • Manufacturing and supply chain refinement
  • Software completion

Intellisocket is a huge project and we are relying on you to become a backer. Go on, jump in and join the revolution, the Intellisocket revolution!

Intellisocket was born out of a quest to reduce one households electricity bill. Arnold Quinsey writes more about the back story here . After spending thousands on installing a solar generation array on his roof he realised two critical points:

1. The easiest way to save energy is to not use it

2. The best way to not use it was to have the data about your usage staring you in the face.

From there he struck on the idea to monitor all appliances in his home. After many hours of searching for an “all-in-one”, non-bulky plug in energy monitoring solution, Arnold realised that the technology simply doesn’t exist. After scratching down some design concepts on paper, Arnold took the idea to some colleagues. The rest as they say… is history.

For 12 months a team of designers, engineers, and thought leaders have been thrashing out the Intellisocket, and now we are ready to share Intellisocket, and its benefits, with the world!

As exciting as the Intellisocket is, it’s just the beginning. The Intellisocket was never just about a single device, it’s about a vision to enable and empower consumers. It’s about truly understanding and automating an environment where technology is within reach of every home-owner. As part of this vision we are already working on a suite of Intellisocket powered devices:

  • Smart power board/strip
  • Smart light Switch
  • Smart light dimmer
  • Movement sensor
  • Environment sensors
  • Smart Relay
  • Commercial Version (With environment monitoring)

So now is the time to get involved, this is the beginning of something big and we are thrilled you have chosen to be part of it with us!

Commercial Version Concept
Commercial Version Concept

Which countries can I use Intellisocket in?: As of this Kickstarter launch we have developed versions for the United States, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand. We plan to release versions that work in other regions in the coming months.

Can I install Intellisocket myself?: Intellisocket is a mains powered electrical outlet and needs to be installed by a qualified electrician or electrical trades-person.

How will Intellisocket save me money?: Intellisocket will save you money by allowing you to monitor, identify and prevent wasted energy. Energy is often wasted by devices being left on when they are not required. Intellisocket allows you to track down those appliances and devices and switch them off automatically.

What is unique about Intellisocket?: Intellisocket differs from almost all of the existing smart power plugs on the market in the following ways:

  • Not a plug-in device – no more obstructions or eyesores
  • Dual outlet control – utilize and control both outlets individually
  • Wifi Connectivity – no additional gateways or hubs (Existing WLAN required)
  • On-device Display – for easy real-time updates
  • Energy monitoring & Home Automation – We have not sacrificed one for the other, Intellisocket performs both functions

Will Intellisocket fit as a direct replacement for my existing Wall outlet?: Yes! Intellisocket is designed to fit in an existing dual outlet wall space assuming that the depth required for Intellisocket is available. Precise dimensions will be released as an update to backers during final design phase.

Risks and challenges

As with every project we have our own set of risks and challenges. The main stumbling blocks we face are:
– Ensuring that the Wi-Fi connectivity will remain stable in a wide variety of locations and orientations
– Ensuring that IntelliSocket is compliant with local and international regulatory certifications
– Manufacturing Delays. As with any large scale manufacturing project there are always risks associated with delivering on time

These challenges are not insurmountable but may affect the timeline of the project. We promise that we will keep you informed and updated through every step of the way. Essentially you will be coming with us on the journey.


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