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Apr 6, 2015 9:44 AM ET

Archived: inControl Ads: replace every digital ad you see, everywhere you are, with exactly what you want

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 6, 2015

inControl Ads

Morristown, New Jersey | Digital Media, Internet Business, IT and Technology, Mobile and Social Apps, Software

Full Pitch

Why did we build this technology? We believe consumers deserve a better experience and more value from advertising; that waste in ad spend should be reduced, if not eliminated for advertisers; and that the time is now to challenge the status quo.

Consumers benefit: Hyper-relevant messaging and personalized deals; feeling of control over their digital experience; utility that saves time and money

Advertisers benefit: Improved efficiency and effectiveness; platform for both local and national ads; reaching hand-raisers; accurate data and business insights

Publishers benefit: Personalized experience for their engaged audiences; Higher ROI; Better data and insights

Your main objection: You hate ads. Why would I bother with this?

Our answer: We consistently find in our research and studies that consumers do not hate advertising. What they hate is irrelevant advertising. You are frustrated and your response so far has been to ignore ads. You will see millions of ads over the next ten years. Why not take control of your digital experience and have relevant ads and deals delivered directly to you, through whatever device or site you are using.

Get inControl®.

Enter preference-based advertising. inControl Ads is the leader in preference-based advertising, aiming to bring personalization to your digital experience. Personalized advertising means saving time and money. While many may fear personalization, inControl Ads is changing that because we are in it for you, the consumer. Unlike other “personalization” companies we do not make any broad assumptions about your interests. Based on the information you give us, we strive to replace irrelevant ads with smarter ads and offers to make your digital experience more positive.

Advertisers submit their ads to us and we match up those ads with your personal preferences. Soon you will begin seeing those ads as well as deals and coupons on websites, mobile devices and through other forms of media.

You can edit your profile at any point to remove products you may have purchased or are no longer interested in. The advertising you see will reflect those changes instantly and stay that way until you make changes again.

Our Mission

We endeavor to replace every digital ad you see, everywhere you are, with exactly what you want. The other ad technologies can only guess.


Contact Information:

Contact Us
31 South Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

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