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Apr 6, 2015 12:02 PM ET

Capturest – Document your life: A private space on your phone, where you control your moments and help you become a better storyteller

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 6, 2015

Capturest – Document your life.

by Simon Arvidsson

Capturest will offer you a private space on your phone, where you control your moments and help you become a better storyteller.

About this project


Capture the moment

Capturest helps you to capture your life in a fast, easy and beautiful way. Our memories are priceless. Moments we have experienced may fade. But we want to hold onto them. Capturest offers you a private space on your phone, where you control your moments. Tell your story with Capturest and get help to become a better story teller of the moments the way you have experienced it.

+ Online Journal

+ Personal Notetaking

+ Diary

+ Story telling

Why Capturest?

Capturest developing an application for remembering your best moments in life by documenting them fast, easy and beautiful.

In order to explain it a little bit better we found out via conducting Facebook campaigns with over 15 000 impressions that there are many people that actually feel this pain that we are trying to solve. Lets go through a story and describe the product along side.

Johanna 36 has two kids Albin 3 and Rasmus 8, she loves spending time with them and wants to document as many moments as possible, since they grow up so fast and memories fade. For the oldest kid she has this beautiful photo album nicely put together. For the youngest though, she said to us that she only has 1200 pictures and over 350 notes in her brilliant smartphone. She says, that of course there are alternatives such as Facebook or Instagram but actually she rather wants to keep the moments for herself and her closest ones. So therefore she will use Capturest.

Capturest is a moblie application that provides parents like Johanna a private space to document and hold on to these moments. Our solution will benefit her in four different ways.

So, what can i compare your service to, you are not really social media?

That is correct! Capturest demands its own niche and we are acting in different domains, first of all almost everything is social and moments are shared with others so there is a social element of Capturest, but we want you to determine how social. Everything is then on private default.

Within the domain of secret and narrow networks Capturest differentiate by not focusing explicitly on the sharing part, we rather want you to create moments than sending pictures away fast. It is possible to share but lets put some beauty behind it.

Many of us know that just the word diary makes us think about a lot of work to make it nice, and producing content is sometimes hard. That is what traditional journal-application does as well. We at capturest rather see the note taking as a fast part it should go fast and you shouldn’t have to think about creating unique content all the time, lets co-create instead and let us challenge you to keep up.

Talking about challenges, we know that there are application that challenges you to adopt a new habit, but that is also the only thing they do. We won’t bother you if you already know how to do things but when creativity lacks we can be there to challenge you.

Lastly, we are not really Instagram but we want to boost you with tools that will beautify your moments so they are perceived as they were when you experienced them.

Who is Capturest? 

Our team is passionate, entreprenurial, technical, hard-working and most importantly we are open and really wants to build the product according to your needs. The members are primarily students that have joined together  from both Chalmers University and the School of business, economics and law at Gothenburg University. More insights about us visit:

Http:// and to get even deeper insights about us visit our blog at

Our journey!

It is a cold winter day in this part of the world, and for those of you that lives in Sweden knows how dark it gets during the winter. Suddenly this day comes, you know it, the day when the first sun comes out and you really feel like now i want to get out from my dark apartment and just get out. Just endorse the beautiful weather and have some fun.

We had that day in March 2014. It was a beautiful day, still very cold but sunny, we went out in Majorna a part of Gothenburg that we now call home and went to a café. We realized that why not doing a café hopping and try out different places that Majorna has to offer, and that’s what we did went from café to café with nice walking within Majorna in between.

It might be clear that we liked this very much, so many impressions, the nice weather, the stunning architecture, the pleasant smell of coffee and the welcoming environment within the cafés surrounding shattering people having a good time.

The thing we realized though, We maybe want to relive these moments and document them. Capture all possible impression that makes this moment so awesome, special and unique, but already here we didn’t want to expose ourselves on Facebook, Instagram or similar social media platforms that are available today, We mean that moments like these were personal to just us and we don’t want to be made fool out of with our 700 friends there. So that’s was when Capturest was born.

We also realized that this was something more than us shared as a problem so now we want to take the next step into spreading it.

So, What is next?

We are today incubated by GU Holding, Gothenburg University holding company and are also doing the Chalmers Innovation Start-up Camp. We are trying to build this product according to the lean start-up methodology which has already today given as priceless input and feedback about our project.

Further done here you can see our timplan for the coming year.

Lets build something cool together, but it starts with Kickstarter!

Finally, We hope you like our product, please feel free to comment or help us with any kind of feedback either here, our Facebook page or at [email protected] We are very excited to announce this campaign and we hope we can make something nice.

We would also like to thank Ensamhörigheten for their right to use their amazing song Majorna in our video.

Risks and challenges

Which challenges do we face?

Since we this has been done in a project-setting with primarily students engaging in this project we want to assure that everyone iterate fast. We have the team to get the product done but we want to do it faster and fully focus on this project, therefore we are reaching out to more capital. We are already financed by a part but it requires this amount to get the product proper up and running.

Contact Information:

Simon Arvidsson

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