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Apr 4, 2015 12:15 PM ET

A WORLD FIRST – THE BOUNCEROO: You attach Gerry to the car seat, rocker, crib and he rocks / bounces your baby for you

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 4, 2015


About IBP

We are based in the UK, a beautiful place called Lincoln.

Warren lives with his wife and children. He is a designer by trade, graduated from Manchester University nearly 20 years ago as an Interior designer. For the past 10 years he has run his own surveying business. When the recession hit, work dropped and like most people in the world Warren had to adapt. Being married and a father to four beautiful children, Warren decided to think out of the box. For over a decade he had experienced the same issue with all of his children, he decided to solve this issue, three years on, We are now ready to sell the Deluxe Bounceroo, AKA Gerry in the UK & U.S.A. with the ROW to follow.

The story of Gerry

You have your new born baby lying in a bouncy chair, car seat, rocker or Swinging Crib and your baby is fast asleep. You’re rocking / bouncing them but you as the parent have to do this, either by hand or by using your foot. Your other child then calls you, the telephone starts ringing, the doorbell rings, you want the toilet, you have to prepare and cook the evening meal but you’re rocking/bouncing your baby to keep them asleep. You know if you stop your baby wakes up, this is where the Deluxe Bounceroo helps. Gerry is there for those small times during the day where you have to be in two places at once. You attach Gerry to the car seat, rocker, crib and he rocks / bouncers your baby for you.

You’re visiting your in-laws, going to the restaurant and your baby is in the car seat, your baby starts crying but you want to enjoy your meal, you start rocking the car seat using your foot, instead you switch on the portable Deluxe Bounceroo and he rocks the car seat for you, freeing you up to enjoy your meal. The Deluxe Bounceroo is a fully portable product and if you need to take Gerry with you, we also have a carry bag that you can buy as an optional extra. When you lead a hectic busy lifestyle, just having that extra half an hour in the day while your precious little one sleeps, means you can do other things, play with your other children, house work, and have five minutes to yourself. Sleep deprivation is a major issue with any parent in the 1st months of having a baby, being able to have a short break is a huge comfort.

Over the past 3 years, this project has been funded from help from friends and family but money stretches only so far. We have tried to design most things ourselves, Gerry, business logo’s (including Warren’s 4 children), Website and packaging.


We would like to fund further testing, manufacture even more Gerry’s and other products. We will then be able to supply Gerry to new and existing parents. Tooling is currently under way, with testing being completed in April / May. We’d like to be able to buy additional units of Gerry to sell but we require further money to complete this.


To Date we have completed the following


Looking forward to the future, we have other characters that we would like to develop and bring to the Bounceroo family, as well as other versions. We would also like to have our own range of baby equipment but this will be in the years to come, we have to start walking before we can run.


Looking into the future of the Bounceroo & IBP


Gerry has been designed in such a way that he’s very easy to set up. He uses 4 x D batteries, fully portable, free standing. Safety is one of the main considerations, as well as functionality, ease of use. If the neck or body is pulled too much, the join from the head to the body comes apart at the Velcro joint (anti-ligature feature). The same feature also applies to the optional extra neck extension.

  • Brushless motor ( for less noise )
  • Timer up to 30 minutes
  • 4 Speed settings
  • Battery indicator @ start up
  • Flip out base for Stability
  • Detachable neck for safety
  • Neck extension for swinging cribs ( optional extra )
  • Auto switch off
  • Auto cut off over 24lbs ( total weight )
  • 4 x D Type batteries ( not included )
  • Adjustable neck
  • Carry Bag ( optional extra )

Gerry has been tested using an 8lbs weight and he works up to 6 weeks on 4 x D Type Duracell batteries using our recommendations ( 3 x 30 minutes in any one day – lowest speed). Any additional weight or increase in speed will reduce the life of the batteries. If you do have any other queries please write to us [email protected].

Ready to back us

This is where you guys come in, we’re wanting to make more Gerry’s, as well as developing other products and characters in the Deluxe Bounceroo range. Be the very first to back Gerry, the world’s first portable Bounceroo. We have listed some perks on the site that we can offer. We’re hoping that Gerry does get the backing he deserves, he has been designed by a parent to solve a common problem, he’s novel and very cute! We know he’ll generate a lot of interest and prospects so please click above and back us.


The guys designing and taking care of Gerry have had years of experience in baby product production and we have full confidence in them. We’ve been told the final product should be ready for June /July 2015. We are very confident that Gerry will be successful, even more so with your help, word of mouth, you guys sharing the video, liking links and getting behind us and buying one of the perks. We will make sure to let backers know of any delays or delivery problems through Linked In, Twitter and Facebook.

With any new product, we are bound to have hurdles to jump but we have done a very good job to date. We’ve already had focus groups and any modifications from the feedback has been refined already, electronics, plush cover and packaging.

Questions & Answers

  1. When can we buy the product?

You can buy the product from July 2015 and if you pledge £60.00 or more you know you will be guaranteed to be one of the first people in the world to own your very own Gerry! Very exclusive!

  1. Where can I buy the Bounceroo?

At the moment the only place you will be able to buy Gerry will be directly from the Innovative Baby Products website www.innbp.co.uk  or [email protected] from July 2015. If you want to be guaranteed of owning Gerry and be one of the first people in the world to own Gerry, you will have to purchase the pledge of £60.00 or higher.

  1. Forgot to add shipping while financing a perk?

Use the box to the right of the video to add shipping. Please add £20.00 for pledges up to £80.00 and £40.00 for pledges above this for international shipping to the U.S.A. Shipments within the U.K. are free.

  1. Will IBP selling a bag that Gerry will fit in so I can take him with me?

YES. The bag is a draw string type bag that will accommodate Gerry’s body, head and neck extension, this will be on the main website or see perks above.

  1. Does Gerry come with batteries?

No, Gerry requires 4 x D Type Alkaline batteries. He has been tested with standard Duracell batteries and can expect up to 6 weeks use, using our recommendations of usage i.e. 3 x 30 minute intervals in any one day, at the slowest speed. Any additional time or increase in speed will reduce the life of the batteries. (Testing using 8lbs weight).

  1. What functions does Gerry have?

The current version of the Bounceroo has the following functions:-

Gerry has a brushless motor for reduced noise, Timer (0-30 minutes) you can choose from 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes. 4 x Speed settings, which you can either increase or decrease. Lock function, if the button is pressed for 5 seconds, this locks all the functions so little fingers can’t change any of the settings. Battery Indicator, when you first switch the unit on, the timer LED’s will light up indicating how much power the batteries have left. Auto switch off, when the unit isn’t used for long period of time the unit will switch off. Weight restriction, if Gerry is pulling more than the recommended weight limit of 24lbs ( total weight ), he will switch off.

  1. What’s the flip out platform for?

To add stability to the unit when used on different surfaces and bouncing different weights of baby.

  1. Can you use with Swinging cribs?

You can use Gerry on swinging cribs but you would have to purchase the neck extension as an optional extra. If you pledge £80.00 or more, this will be included with your product.

  1. Can you reduce the length of the neck?

Yes you can. At the base of Gerry’s neck is a Velcro opening and within his neck is a clasp, you can use this to make his neck longer or shorter helping him to fit the many different types of baby apparel i.e. car seats, swinging cribs, baby rockers, bouncers, mosses baskets etc. All baby apparel has to be non-motorised and designed to rock or bounce. He won’t work with car seats, mosses baskets that have a flat bases.

  1. Will there be any other characters other than a Giraffe?

We hope so! We have to start somewhere and Gerry is a fantastic character to start with! We have so many other cheeky characters but the Bounceroo has to become a success for these to be unveiled and launched.

  1. Is Gerry portable, can you carry Gerry around?

Yes you can! He only weighs 1.20 KGs without batteries and 1.75 KGs with 4 x D type batteries installed. You will be able to purchase the optional extra draw string carry bag from the main website.

  1. What safety features does Gerry have?

Auto switch off, when the unit isn’t used for long periods of time or when Gerry has finished his exercises, he’ll go into standby mode. If Gerry is pulling more than what the recommended weight limit of 24lbs ( total weight ), Gerry will automatically switch off. If the neck or body is pulled too much, the join from the head to the body comes apart at the Velcro joint (anti-ligature feature). The same feature also applies to the optional extra neck extension.

I have more questions, who can I ask?

Please leave a comment on the COMMENT tab at the top of the page, or email us at[email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible. If you do have any other queries please write to us at [email protected].

Please pledge and help make this dream come true [email protected].

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