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Apr 3, 2015 12:02 PM ET

NUS Industrial Design Show 2015 – Momentum offers a glimpse into the multifaceted world of design by the Graduating Class

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 3, 2015

NUS Industrial Design Show 2015


Let’s build the Momentum!

The annual NUS Industrial Design 2015 show offers a complete overview of works by the Graduating Class, highlighted works by current students of the faculty from the past academic year, as well as latest projects by the Design Incubation Centre (DIC).

The theme of this year’s show is Momentum, and it offers a glimpse into the multifaceted world of design, whereby students take a critical role in investigating relationships between objects, users and environment. The culmination of these observations and investigations result in design outcomes achieved not only by products, but also through systems, services and interactions.

In addition, many of these projects were conducted with industry collaborators such as Ministry of Manpower and National University Hospital. The plethora of works in this year’s show echoes the division’s vision, to make life better through design.

This year in particular, in sync with the SG50 celebrations, we hope to extend our outreach to the masses through the show, to raise public awareness about the importance of Design, and how relevant it is to our daily lives. It is important that we acknowledge this in order for our Singapore Design Community to grow.


In this year’s show, we have categorized our projects according to 3 main groups that we find most relevant to our Singaporean Lifestyle:

1. Health & Wellness 

The projects that fall under this category mainly consist of projects that address medical issues that we hold close to our hearts such as dementia, diabetes, stress, etc. Collaboration with various centres that deal with such conditions, our students explore the possibilities of improving the lives of patients and their families through design.

2. Culture & Communication
Not all is lost. People say that Singapore is a young nation with pseudo-culture, but we beg to differ. It’s the people that make our country who we are and we’re the makers, the creators. By using culture and craft as a context to design, the projects aim to rethink the contemporary Singapore culture. With projects extending to redesign the traditional Batik process and Kopitiams, as well as those that develop new uses and techniques for existing materials for bag and furniture forms, the possibilities are limitless.

Interaction & Technology
Re-evaluating our lifestyle in Singapore, this category of projects serve as a way for us to envision the future. Ranging from progressive toys for children to green lifestyle products and improving communication amongst people, we aim to keep up with the ever-changing times through design, as we progress as a nation.

We hope to extend our outreach to the masses by demonstrating to everyone how they can benefit from design, both as solutions to problems and also as a driver for social and cultural change. Many of our Industrial Design projects have gained global recognition in international competitions and we think that through the NUS Industrial Design Show 2015, we can build a stronger Singapore Design Community. Through this endeavor, we hope to exemplify the Singaporean spirit of not letting our dreams be bound by our size.

The following are some of the past works by the graduating class:

+one Prosthetic Fingers
The functional yet life-like prosthetic finger that is able to fit and support users in the handling of simple daily tasks. This project was featured in The New Paper and got shortlisted as Regional Finalist for the James Dyson Award 2013.


A sitck-on organizer for your belongings and gadgets necessary for work on-the-go bringing you convenience by sitting snugly at the back of your laptop, reducing the clutter of things on the already-tiny workspaces. This project was featured in ComplexTech, Culturepush and several other online media. The product is also retailing at  Keepers:  Singapore Designer Collective and Uyii.

SPOT is a multi-purpose light that can be hung, hand-held, or simply placed on a surface. It can function as a torch, desk lamp, ambience light, or wall light – use it however and whenever you like. This project won the Launch Pad Asia 2014 competition, and has been featured in Design Milk and Yanko Design.

Future Studio: Self- Deception

“Just a bit more wouldn’t hurt….” Self-Deception is a series of objects that postulates possible scenarios of the future. In a world where objects are designed to tolerate our foibles, the series cleverly depicts how Deceit can potentially be the new object design philosophy of 2023.

静 (Jing) is a set of candles that challenges the traditional definition of candles, without adding or subtracting from its bare components. The blurred outline of the wooden wicks adds a graphical interest to the translucent wax and also alters the way the candles burn. The hypnotic quality of the flames consuming the wax, enthrals the audience with its beauty, however fleeting. Ephemera.



With this, we hope that our  passion has sparked your interest and that you’ll pledge your support as we work really hard to bring the show to you. The money raised through this campaign will contribute to the set up and execution of our show.

As a token of our appreciation for your support, we’ve also included some goodies for each category of contributions. If you have pledged your support for the categories with merchandise, we will contact you upon closure of our campaign. Rest assured that you’ll be able to collect them during the duration of the show.

The prints of the Limited Edition Shirt & Tote Bag Designs are as follows:

 photo FINAL totes and shirts-07 2_zpsaev2af3q.jpg
 photo FINAL totes and shirts-06 2_zpstsg4uhuq.jpg

Please note that the prints are specific to merchandise (i.e., Shirt prints cannot be printed on Tote Bags, choice can only be made from the selection offered).

*The whole range of Merchandise will also be available at the event, while stocks last. Merchandise print courtesy of Litile Collective, an entrepreneurial duo from our graduating class.


It has been a wonderful 4 years at NUSDID, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Currently we’re just a little short of it to make this a reality… But we believe that  with our commitment and dedication to the show, combined with your contributions and support,  the NUS Industrial Design Show 2015 will be a success. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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