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Apr 3, 2015 3:15 EST

FunRide – Carsharing with Green Vehicles

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 3, 2015



Carsharing with Green Vehicles


FunRide is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $1,000.


Why We Started This Company

I have been in the transportation business for 28 years and studied various carsharing models for my hometown of San Luis Obispo, California. My passion is to reverse climate change through greater awareness of alternative fueled vehicles. I want to reduce our dependency on foreign oil by providing green vehicles to people who do not own their own vehicle. FunRide offers cars, pick-up trucks and vans that save our customers money and let them drive the latest green vehicle.

What Sets Us Apart

Most carsharing services are offered in large cities where many residents do not own a car. FunRide offers a wide variety of vehicles that are alternative fuel or hybrids. FunRide has been successful in San Luis Obispo County and we are ready to spread our service to other medium sized markets in California. Our customers can reserve the vehicles online and they gain access into their reserved vehicle with a fob. They return the vehicle and our staff clean and fuel the vehicle.

Our Keys To Success

Carsharing is a new concept in medium markets, but it a great alternative to traditional car rental company. Customers can become members of FunRide to use the vehicles on a regular basis or can rent on a one time basis without paying an annual membership fee. We can place several vehicles in a community and monitor the activity from our corporate office. We can contact hourly employees to clean and fuel the vehicles. We grow based on demand to expand the current fleet size


Mark Shaffer

Mark Shaffer

FunRide, President

Mark brought United Cerebral Palsy to San Luis Obispo, CA. in 1987 and founded Ride-On Transportation in 1993. He has built this nonprofit organization into a $6.5 million business providing support services for people with disabilities and transportation services. Mark has used his transportation experience to develop a carsharing service that features exclusively alternative fuel vehicles and hybrids. Customers become members of FunRide and can reserve the vehicles online 24 hours a day. They receive an electronic fob that gives them access into the vehicle that they have reserved. Each vehicle has an onboard computer that records the use of the vehicle. The member returns the vehicle and FunRide staff fuels and cleans the vehicle. FunRide offers cars, trucks and vans to meet all the transportation needs of their members.
David Lees

David Lees


John Balderston

John Balderston

Vice President


Team Member Name

Jason Portugal

Team Member Name

Tom Fulks


Team Member Name

Carol Core

Marketing Specialist

PROFILE Driven to achieve goals and overcome obstacles, a confident, highly energized, effective, and persuasive communicator with strong interpersonal and marketing skills. Recognized for an elite track record of creating outstanding high-profile brand recognition and excitement. Generates traffic-building programs resulting in increased market share, with a strong background in the corporate, small business, and not-for-profit business environments. Turnkey marketing solutions provider who consistently earns the confidence of management through the delivery of highly creative programs resulting in superior market penetration. Excellent at providing a full complement of services from strategic planning to tactical implementation. Adept at generating leads and increasing revenue primarily within the Special Events Production, Publishing, Real Estate, and Advertising industries. Experienced and successful marketing professional recognized for consistently growing sales revenues and profitability utilizing strategic market knowledge and brand positioning. Skilled at planning targeted, customized marketing campaigns. Top individual producer skilled in staying on the cutting-edge of the latest marketing and communication techniques. Highly regarded as a marketing trusted advisor.
Contact Information:

Jason Portugal, Tom Fulks, Carol Core, John Balderston, David Lees, Mark Shaffer

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