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Apr 2, 2015 5:33 PM ET

Archived: The Happy Bakers: A traditional bakery with a whole food focused range made with love and minimal refined ingredients

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 2, 2015

The Happy Bakers

by Natasha

Traditional bakery with a whole food focused range made with love and minimal refined ingredients.

Photo original

About this project

I want to open a whole foods bakery making a whole range of products mindful of how they affect our bodies.

Using minimal refined ingredients and focusing on whole foods. Pies made with broth, lemon tarts made with real lemon. No premixes or bought frozen products. I would love to mill my own flour if possible.

Making bread just like they did in the old days all artisan and more easily digestible. A gluten free range and even some paleo options.

Bread doesn’t have to be evil, it is the modern day process of baking that has created this monster.

I will implement suspended bread and pastries see suspenedcoffees.com for more info.

I would also like to have some positions and roles reserved for those in need who for one reason or another (homelessness, depression, disability etc) emotional or physical have trouble finding employment.

I am very passionate about health and baking it is mostly about making ethical choices, it is not hard but it isn’t cheap and quick which is why that route is rarely taken. But whole foods, community spirit and kindness is making a powerful comeback all around the world.

Risks and challenges

The products will take a bit of playing with but I am confident I have the experience and expertise to manage creating an ethical product range. Ha ha the hard part will be paleo products but with internet and freinds i can figure it out.

Location and size will all depend on funding and interest. I love the idea of the new bakewell woolworths.

Hiring staff that are disadvantaged is a big risk to take in a business but I believe everyone deserves a chance or a second chance and so long as there are protocols in place to deal with any extra problems this may cause we can keep issues to a minimum.

Suspended coffees some may worry it could attract undesirable customers but it’s a bakery people don’t stay long and there are many different types of financial hardship that you can’t even tell from the outside. And on the plus side think of all the generous loving customers it will attract also. It all evens out.

I can make this happen :-) do everything with love and you can achieve anything.

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