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Archived: StepOne Personal Health: A better experience for consumers while easing the burden on an already taxed healthcare system

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StepOne Personal Health

Portola Valley, CA 94028, US

Your Health, Our Mission – The year 2013 ushered in a new era highlighting the public’s interest around healthcare and personal control of healthcare choices. Arguably, healthcare delivery, financing and education has been the most emotionally charged issue over the past year with the passage, and now the implementation of the Affordable Care Act creating a demand for primary care services that far outpaces supply. StepOne Personal Health’s mission is to deliver a better experience for consumers while easing the burden on an already taxed healthcare system. Our innovative model includes a single electronic destination for consumers trying to understand and make a positive impact on their health. By using state of the art technology to deliver a more satisfying and proactive experience, while engaging individuals in the active participation of their health needs, our destination connects individuals to health products, services and experts with easy and convenient tools highly desired by the new generation of health consumers. The tech-savvy health consumer is continuously increasing their interest and engagement in improving health and optimizing their health, especially if dealing with chronic disease or trying to prevent it. There is also an increasing shift toward complementary, integrative and holistic approaches to health – as well as the historically traditional approaches to healthcare. Under our innovated model, and with our powerful social messaging, our virtual health destination promotes traditional, functional and preventive medicine offerings in a HIPAA compliant, consumer centric, and easy-to-use environment. The increasing need for technology and efficiency in the traditional system, along with consumer demand for access and service, creates the optimal environment for rapid growth of StepOne Personal Health’s platform and destination featuring our products, services and professional resources.

Products / Services

Direct to Consumer Products

As a dynamic health technology company we’ve identified a market in which we promote products that foster wellness and longevity including direct to consumer lab and diagnostic services, health supplements, personalized health content, professional consultative services and health education all seamlessly and dynamically connected to our Consumer Centric Health Record. Our products / services are complementary to primary care services existing in the consumer’s environment. We are continually adding to products in this line as the market and appetite for quality health offerings presents.

Expert Review Services

The Expert Review and Health Education services function within StepOne Health serves an important market of those consumers wishing to further understand their health screening or test results as well as become educated in current nutrition trends and physical training methods. This service is offered as part of the other suite of labs and diagnostic services associated with our Direct to Consumer channel products as well. All educators are board certified or subject matter experts in their field and all encounters are maintained and recorded within the consumer centric health record.

Provider Channel

Part of StepOne Personal Health’s value proposition is to behave and offer services that are complementary to the primary care services and medical professionals already existing in the consumer’s environment. To effectively share information and make positive differences in health information exchange (HIE) requires a cooperating partnership with a variety of health professionals. StepOne Health accommodates a bi-directional relationship with cooperating partners wishing to participate and guide their patients/consumers toward our suite of offerings and vice versa.

Reseller Channel

Our Value Added Reseller Channel represents best-in-class health products easily accessible from the user dashboard and connected seamlessly with our health mall. Products include AliveCor, delivering the first of its kind portable handheld ECG machine that works with today’s iPhone or Android devices. In addition to our medical devices we offer supplements that have lab, review and consultative services associated. We additionally offer ProActive Health solutions high-quality media led by America’s top fitness trainers targeting specific disease management programs and general training.

Enterprise Channel

StepOne Personal Health has employed the seasoned skills and expertise of Jeff Gary to deliver the same consumer centric model in a customized, employer benefits group offering, leveraging the financial and productivity return of a healthy and inspired workforce. StepOne Personal Health can help achieve employer health group goals by working with corporate benefits teams to identify risks, deliver preventive services and maximize the corporate health spend. All enterprise programs are fully customizable and uniquely suited to the particular employee population.


Chief Executive Officer
Craig Brandman, MD

Craig Brandman, MDDr. Brandman is a UCLA trained cardiologist and entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. For more than 20 years, Craig has brought his knowledge of the business of medicine, the requirements of daily practice, and the benefits of technology to health care organizations. Craig was co-founder and CEO of MEDILINQ in addition to creating 2 other companies including LawPlus, which provided communications solutions to the legal community; and GryphonCA, which provided secure communications solutions to the health care and legal services industries. Before developing these companies, Craig was Managing Partner responsible for all clinical initiatives for a $65 million physician-management services organization. Craig received his MD from the SUNY-Downstate Medical Center in New York, and his postgraduate training in Cardiology at the Harbor General Campus of UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Senior Vice President Strategic Planning
David Clymer

David ClymerDavid began his career as a regional lab provider in Missouri in 1993. David created MyMedLab, allowing consumers to make informed health care choices for themselves and their families. In 2004 industry leading health providers and the power of the internet took MyMedLab nationwide to becaome one of the first direct-to-consumer lab services in the nation. David still maintains his capacity as CEO of MyMedLab and supplies a critical back-end function and a valuable strategic partnership. David graduated from Southeast Missouri State University.

Chief Operating Officer
Tamara Hall, RN, MBA

Tamara Hall, RN, MBATamara has over twenty years of implementation and growth strategy including, cross-functional management experience, including clinical, operational, multi-site call center, strategic, and financial expertise. Most recently, Tamara served as COO of Health Equity and prior to that she held the position of Executive SVP for Health Dialog, leading the design, development and implementation of the organization’s services, including operational infrastructure, service design and expansion, and system platform database architecture and user-specific login and interface. Tamara has strong expertise in employee growth and development, including expanding from 30 employees to 1,500+ in 5 years implementing a concept of growth from within where 75% of call center directors and managers started with positions supporting customers on the phone. Ms. Hall earned a baccalaureate degree in nursing from Louisiana State University and a master’s in business administration from Boston University.

Senior Vice President Business Development
Jeff Gary, MBA

Jeff Gary, MBAJeff is a senior healthcare executive with over 20 years of experience in the health care industry. Jeff was the founder and principal owner of Stratabex LLC, a healthcare business development and consulting firm focused on innovation, quality, revenue growth and trend mitigation solutions. Jeff is instrumental in developing pipeline strategies in the enterprise arena with medium to large employer groups. Jeff specializes in working with large self-insured employer groups as they are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the StepOne Personal Health service offerings outside the traditional fee-for-service delivery model.

Director Human Resources
Gregg Hill, MS, PA-C

Gregg Hill, MS, PA-CGregg is a licensed Physician Assistant and business professional with 25 years of experience in organization process development, clinical patient care and health organization creation. Prior to joining StepOne Health, Gregg was one of the founding members, a practicing Physician Assistant and analytics director for Crossover Health, developing workplace health centers and systems for large enterprises. Gregg has expertise in EMR migration technologies including training and development for Kaiser Permenante’s Health Connect system. Gregg has additional deep knowledge in emerging market business systems as a consulting manager for Accenture in Houston, providing client financial due diligence pursuant to Accenture’s IPO in 2002. Gregg has an MS with board certification as a PA, and is our Director of Clinical Services developing clinical standards, consumer messaging, staffing and management of a team of health professionals, executing virtual consumer health / wellness services.

Acting/Interim Technology/Technologist
Damon Ramsey, MD

Damon Ramsey, MDDr. Ramsey began his career in information technology at the age of 8. He was one of the youngest Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers in the world at 12 and following a successful career in IT consulting and software engineering at Vancouver-based Unisoft, he went on to pursue his medical degree at McMaster University as the youngest member of his class. Dr. Ramsey is committed to empowering providers and consumers with the technology they love to use. He is the technology lead on an electronic trauma health record (eTHR) that is collecting life-saving data in the Western Cape of South Africa. Damon holds his CCFP license and actively practices medicine in Vancouver, Canada. Damon is highly skilled in software development and systems architecture, service oriented architecture as well as media and web technologies, database design, systems design, and multi-tier application development.

Consulting Strategic Planning
Ferris Taylor, MBA

Ferris Taylor, MBAFerris is currently the Vice President of Strategy and Planning for Arches Health Plan, a nonprofit health insurance company and CO-OP owned solely by its members for the purpose of participation under the ACA. Taylor founded Pragmatic Health Care Solutions, a health care strategy and marketing consulting firm and was VP strategic marketing and market strategy for Ingenix (now Optum), one of the largest health information technology companies and part of UnitedHealth. Additionally, Taylor has also served as the marketing and information services executive for Harvard Community Health Plan and as VP marketing and planning for North Shore Medical Center in Salem, Mass, the 6 community hospital system of Partners Healthcare. A graduate of Brigham Young University in nuclear physics with a minor in Spanish, Taylor holds an MBA with an emphasis in finance and quantitative economics. He is also a graduate of the GHAA/AHIP Executive Program in Managed Care from the University of Missouri.

Director Sales & Marketing
Cheryl Lawson, MBA

Cheryl Lawson, MBACheryl Lawson brings corporate marketing, entrepreneurial acumen and deep social media marketing and public relations expertise to StepOne Health. Cheryl has been a member of the StepOne Health team since it’s inception and will join the company as Director of Communications in 2014. Before joining StepOne Health, Cheryl served as marketing manager for Fleetwood Enterprises. As marketing manager, Cheryl was in charge of creating the RV division’s digital content. Before Fleetwood, Cheryl was a District Manager for General Motors’ Pontiac Division. During her ten-year career with GM, Cheryl led corporate to dealer communications in several major markets. Cheryl is the founder of social marketing firm Party Aficionado, LLC where she helps small businesses create social marketing strategies and PR plans. Cheryl holds a BA from Southern University in Baton Rouge and a MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

Consulting Advisor
Brett Trusko, MBA

Brett Trusko, MBABrett is the Executive Director of the Texas Institute for Smart Health at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He spends his time finding ways to use innovation and technology to streamline the healthcare experience. He understands health at the level of the data. More. Brett’s passion is uncovering the patterns in data that can connect the pieces together. His field of informatics is driving a health revolution by letting real people track changes in their health over a lifetime.

Director Accounting
Edwina Rains

Edwina RainsEdwina is a committed practice administrator with extensive experience in medical oncology and hematology practices with deep subject matter knowledge in affecting tight information exchange with the insurance clearinghouse and third-party administrators. Edwina has developed the StepOne Personal Health process for client billing and assurance that all consumers enjoy the highest level in client satisfaction.


Funding Goal: $2,250,000

Funding Type: Convertible Debt

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